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Arcis-Vocalisten München (Chamber Coir)

Born: June 2005 - Munich, Bavaria, Germany

The project choir Arcis-Vocalisten München (= AVM) was constituted in June 2005 performance of Rossini's "Petite Messe Solennelle." The 50 singers are involved regularly in prestigious and ambitious ensembles of the Bavarian and especially Munich concert scene. Most of them have solo training and performing experience. The AVM compound for each project is chosen according to the performance requests of the works.

The AVM has performed the great works of sacred music (such as Ein deutsches Requiem by Johannes Brahms, Mozart's Requiem, Weihnachts-Oratorium (BWV 248) and B minor Mass (BWV 232) by J.S. Bach's, George Frideric Handel's Messiah, etc.) and a-cappella works (such as Heinrich Schütz’ Johannespassion or Josef Rheinberger’s Mass in E flat major for 8-part chorus and Frank Martin's Mass for double-choir, etc.). The ensemble has become popular at some festivals and concert series and is invited for guest performances, including at the Summer Concerts in Inn and Salzach, Marienroder Klosterkonzerten, Bad Hersfelder Festspielkonzerten, Bodenseefestival, Europäischen Wochen Passau, Münchner Residenzkonzerten and Brunnenhofkonzerten.

Notable milestones in the history of the AVM were a series of performances of Messiah by G.F. Handel under the baton of Bach-Tage Bad Hesrfeld’s director, Professor Siegfried Heinrich, in Bad Hersfeld, Bensheim, Kassel, Frankfurt am Main and Weimar at the Osterwoche 2007, a production of Purcell's Dido and Aeneas with the Baroque ballet "La danza" and the recording of the choral parts of Musik für die Olympiakür for the Dressurreiterin Isabelle Werth in 2008. A special event was in November 2009, the staged performance of J.S. Bach's Johannes-Passion (BWV 245) at the Himmelfahrtskirche in Munich, directed by Dieter Reuscher, the audience and performers were extremely excited and touched.

In 2010, the AVM gave a series of performances of Orff's Carmina Burana, including at the Theaterplatz Lindau and the Brunnenhof der Münchner Residenz, and a performance of J. Brahms' Ein deutsches Requiem. Another high point was the recording of two Bach cantatas by the Bayerische Rundfunk, which appeared on the label Oehms Classics CD.

Plans for 2011 include, inter alia, J.S. Bach's Matthäus-Passion (BWV 244) and in summer a new stage production - Monteverdi's opera Orfeo.

Source: Arcis-Vocalisten München Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (December 2010)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (December 2010)

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