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Tigran Alikhanov (Piano)

Born: 1943 - Moscow, Russia

The Russian pianist and music pedagogue, Tigran Alikhanov, was born in the family of an outstanding nuclear physicist. His father Abram Alikhanov (1904-1970) was an academician, the laureate of state premiums, the founder and first director of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics named after him. His mother Slava Roshal, born in 1916, was a violinist, soloist of the Philharmonic society, laureate of the all-Union competition of musicians-performers, held in 1935. Alikhanov began his musical training at the piano department of the Central Music School with A. Sumbatian (1950-1961). Then he studied at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory with professor Lev Oborin (undergraduate training from 1961 to 1966, postgraduate course during the period of 1966-1969). He won the M. Long and J. Thibaud International competition in Paris in 1967

His graduation from the Conservatory launched both his performing and teaching careers. In 1971 he gained a teaching position at the Chamber ensemble and quartet department where he became an associate professor in 1989 and a full professor in 1992. Since that year he has been the Head of the Chamber ensemble and String quartet department, combining this activity with teaching at the Moscow Conservatory’s Music College. He was also Rector of the Moscow conservatory from 2005 to 2009. He holds master-classes in cities of Russia and abroad (USA Universities, Spain etc.). A number of his students became winners at the Soviet, Russian and international solo and chamber music competitions. Most of them are now well-known musicians not only for their performing skills but also for their teaching. Alikhanov participates in work of many festivals and competitions. He is a jury member of the S. Taneev All-Russia competition of chamber ensembles in Kaluga (1996), the I. Safonov All-Russia competition in Kazan (1997), the International competition of pianists in Cincinnati (USA).

As a performer Tigran Alikhanov gives recitals, plays with symphony orchestras, with leading instrumental chamber ensembles and choral collectives in both cities of Russia, the former Soviet Union and abroad (Spain, USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Austria, Algeria, Hungary, Greece, Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, China, Republic of South Africa, etc.). Ensemble performances make a significant part of the concert activity of this musician. Alikhanov played with such famous musicians as Ludmila Belobragina, V. Ivanov, A. Lyubimov, A. Melnikov, I. Monigetti, N. Petrov, V. Pikaisen, V. Saradzyan, V. Tonkha, V. Feigin, M. Homitser, A. Tchebotaryova. Alikhanov maintains a permanent contact with the Ensemble of soloists of the Bolshoi Theater under guidance of the People's artist of Russia Alexander Lazarev, with the Moscow B. Tevlin`s youth and students choir, with the Moscow string quartet, with Shostakovich, Prokofiev and Glinka quartets. One of the usual artistic partners of Alikhanov is his spouse, organist Ludmila Golub. In concert programs of Alikhanov are compositions for piano and chamber ensemble from various epochs - from J.S. Bach up to music of the 20th century’s composers. He is the Russian first interpreter of many music works, such as «Signes en Blanc» and a Piano quintet by Edison Denisov, Sonata for violin and piano, Piano trio by Jury Butsko, Trio-sonata by G. Banshikov, Piano quintet by G. Frid. He took part in festivals of modern music «Moscow autumn», «Alternative», New Year`s festival of modern music in Sofia, Musical festival in Italy (Trento).

Tigran Alikhanov is the author of musicological and methodical works dealing with his teacher’s Lev Oborin artistic legacy. His own artistic activity has been depicted in periodicals like Soviet Music, The Musical Life, Soviet Culture and others.

Tigran Alikhanov has recorded several CD’s and one LP including pieces by J.S. Bach, Franz Liszt, Sonata for piano by Alban Berg (first recording in Russia), works by A. Khachaturian. He also made a number of recordings for the Russian Radio Corporation.

His awards include: People’s Artist of Russia (2002); laureate of the Hungarian Author’s Rights Agency for promotion of Hungarian composers’ music (1985).

Source: Moscow PI Tchaikovsky Conservatory Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (November 2011)

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