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Amarillis (Instrumental Ensemble)

Founded: France

Héloise Gaillard (Recorders & Baroque oboe)
Violaine Cocahrd (Harpsichord & Organ)
Ophélie Gaillard (Cello)

Amarillis grew out of the meeting of three young musicians, a recorder/oboist, a harpsichordist and a cellist, who already had a wealth of musical experience in the most prestigious ensembles. Together, they received the guidance of Pierre Hantaï, Christophe Rousset and Christophe Coin.

Amarillis are three-time winner of International first prizes: in July 1995, as a trio, they won the 1st Prize at the York Medieval Music Competition; in April 1997, with the mezzo-soprano Maryseult Wieczorek, they won the 1st Prize and a fellowship from the French Ministry of Culture the FNAPEC Chamber music competition; and lastly in September 1997, Amarillis performed with Patricia Petibon (soprano) and Jean François Novelli (tenor) at the SINFONIA competition, chaired by Gustav Leonhardt, and won the 1st Prize and the Prix du public.

Amarillis has given concerts in France (Théâtre Grévin, Festival de Sablé-sur-Sarthe, Montpellier Opera House, etc.), in Switzerland, in Britain (St. James Church, York Festival), in Holland (Utrecht, Amsterdam), in Spain (San Sebastián Bach Festival, Barcelona Medieval Music Festival) and in Belgium.

Amarillis has recorded programs for France Music and the BBC as well as four records on the Ambroisie label, Furioso ma non troppo, Amour et Mascarade, Jeux de Dames à la Cour and Aria - J.S. Bach, all of which have received critical acclaim. The Amarillis Trio was chosen one of the classical revelations of ADAMI 1999. The trio can be heard during the music festivals at the abbeys of Lessay and Cunault, in Montreux and Sablé-sur Sarthe, at the Montpellier Opera House, at the Théâtre Grévin, in Holland (5 performances), in Belgium, in Italy, in Poland and in Latin America.


Source: Liner notes to the album 'J.S. Bach: Aria' performed by Amarillis & Maîtrise de garçons de Colmar (Ambroisie, 2000)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (November 2004)

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