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Nijolė Ambrazaitytė (Mezzo-soprano)

Born: February 21, 1939 - the village of Burokai, Lazdijai district, Lithuania
Died: November 27, 2016

The Lithuanian mezzo-soprano and politician, Nijolė Ambrazaitytė, was born in the village of Burokai, Lazdijai district, into a middle-class family. During World War II her parents withdrew to Germany, later to Canada where they died and were buried in Montreal. Nijolė was brought up by her grandparents in the village of Raitininkai, Raseiniai region. In 1948 she was deported by the soviets to Siberia, the town of Igarka. Later was moved from Igarka to Malakov settlement in Krasnojarsk region. She returned to Lithuania in 1956, finished Raseiniai secondary school, and in 1959 graduated from Lithuanian State Conservatoire (currently - the Music Academy), the Department of solo singing (1959-1966). She won prizes at several international singing competitions: Diploma at the Vitol, J. Young Singers' Competition in Riga (Latvia, 1964), Winner of the Vocal Competition in Minsk (Belarus, 1970), vocalists silver medalist at the International. G. Enescu Competition in Bucharest (Romania, 1970).

In 1966 Nijolė Ambrazaitytė started work as a singer at the Opera and Ballet Theatre of Lithuania. She performed in various international Opera Houses. Her most important roles in operas: Lola in Cavalleria rusticana by P. Mascagni, Amneris in Aida by J. Verdi, Eboli in Don Carlo by J. Verdi, Azucena in Il Trovatore by J. Verdi, Maddalena in Rigoletto by J. Verdi's, Fenena in Nabucco by J. Verdi's, Ortrūda in Lohengrin by R. Wagner, Carmen in Carmen by Georges Bizet, Mirta in Pilėnai by V. Klova, Adalgisa in Norma by V. Bellini, Shepherd boy in Norma by G. Puccini , Cherubino Le Nozze di Figaro by W.A. Mozart, Marina Minszek in Boris Godunov by M. Mussorgski, Marija in Kryžkelėje by V.Paltanavičiaus, Fox in Pinocchio by J. Gaižauskas, Bušė in Kelionė į Tilžę by E. Balsio Siébel in Faust by Charles Gounod, Varvara in Ne vien tik meilė by R. Ščedrino, and others.

Nijolė Ambrazaitytė sang about 300 solo concerts, in which she performed in works as W.A. Mozartís Requiem, Verdiís "Requiem", Dvorak's Requiem, mezzo-soprano parts in works by J.S. Bach, and George Frideric Handel, etc. She appeared in opera performances and solo concerts in the USA, Canada, South America, Great Britain, Australia, Norway, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Mongolia, the former Soviet Union. She released about 30 recordings, among them a cassette "Rare Lithuanian folk songs.", and wrote a biography Kas yra kas.

From 1979 to 1990 Nijolė Ambrazaitytė was a teacher at the Lithuanian State Conservatoire. From October 3, 1990 to November 22, 1992 she was a deputy of the Supreme Council - Reconstitutive Seimas. She was a member of the Seimas since 1992. She also served as a member of the Commission on State Pensions at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour. Member of the Homeland Union (Lithuanian Conservatives). From 1992 to 2000 she was Member of Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania.

Nijolė Ambrazaitytė was married to Boris (b 1945). She lived in Igarka (1948-1956), and Maklakova (1956-1957). She was granted the highest awards for her contribution to the Lithuanian culture and opera art. Her awards include: SSR Distinguished Artist (1970), People's Artist (1970), People's Artist of USSR (1977). On February 16, 1996, on the occasion of commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Lithuanian State, was awarded the Third Class Order of Grand Duke Gediminas for her merits to the Lithuanian culture.

Source: Wikipedia Website (February 2011); Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania Website; Kas yra kas Lietuvoje Website (2009)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (April 2011); Manfred Krugmann (Dates & Photo 08, January 2017)

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