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Siegfried Bauer (Choral Conductor)

Born: 1944 - Weissach im Tal, of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

The German choral coductor and church musician, Siegfried Bauer, studied music education, pedagogy and musicology.

Siegfried Bauer worked since 1968, first as a Kantor and organist in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, and from 1971 taught music education at the Karlshöhe Ludwigsburg. He was appointed Director of Church Music (KMD) in 1982 and in 1989 he was appointed State Church Music Director (LKMD) of the Lutheran Churches in Württemberg.

Siegfried Bauer is now reponsible for the Church Music at the Stuttgarter Oberkirchenrat (Stuttgart High Church) of the Lutheran Churches in Württemberg as State Church Music Director. At the same time he teaches church music and conducting at the Tübinger Hochschule für Kirchenmusik, and was appointed a professor there in 2004.The city of Ludwigsburg gave Siegfried Bauer Culture Prize and in 2006 the title of Municipal Music Director in recognition of services. For many years he conducted the Sinfonieorchesters der Stadt Ludwigsburg (Symphony Orchestra of Ludwigsburg) (since 1976) and the Jugendsinfonieorchesters Youth Symphony Orchestra) (1983-2006). In 1971 he founded the Kantorei der Karlshöhe Ludwigsburg, which he directed until 2001, and was choir director of the Männergesangvereins 1825 e.V., Ludwigsburg. Bauer is an honorary citizen of the sister city of Ludwigsburg Jevpatorija/Krim (Crimea), which awarded him the Order of Mayor Duwan. There he founded in 1995, a chamber orchestra with which he regularly works. He is a frequent juror at numerous national and international choral and orchestral competitions,. In addition, Siegfried Bauer is the author and publisher known choral and textbooks.

Siegfried Bauer also served many years as chairman and assessors of church and state music organizations and interest groups. The orchestra projects in Ukraine and his musical activities in France, Israel, Poland, Sweden, South Africa and Wales have significantly contributed to increasing the reputation of Germany abroad. On May 24, 2000 Bauer received from the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg the President Award "Verdienstkreuz am Bande des Verdienstordens der Bundesrepublik Deutschland" (Distinguished Service Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany).


Sigfried Bauer is well known as editor of several scores of church music and textbooks:
Geistliche Chormusik der Romantik, Chorheft 16, edited by Siegfried Bauer (Stuttgart 1989)
Eine kleine Melodie. Das Chorbuch für die Geselligkeit, edited by Siegfried Bauer with Dieter Kurz and Josef Michel (Strube-Verlag (Edition 1080) München 1989)
Sing mit. Leichte Kanons zu den Liedern des Evangelischen Gesangbuches, edited by Siegfried Bauer (Strube-Verlag (Edition 1320) München 1993)
Probieren und Studieren. Lehrbuch zur Grundausbildung in der evangelischen Kirchenmusik, edited by Siegfried Bauer and Ingo Bredenbach (Strube-Verlag (Edition 9024) München 1996)
Singen und Sagen. Chorheft zu den Zwischentexten im Evangelischen Gesangbuch, edited by Siegfried Bauer, Lothar Friedrich, Reinhold Meiser and Eberhard Kienast (München 2001)
Tastenspiele. Das Klavierbuch zum Evangelischen Gesangbuch, edited by Siegfried Bauer (Strube-Verlag München 2002)
Unsere Kernlieder - 33 Lieder aus dem Evangelischen Gesangbuch, edited by Siegfried Bauer (Strube-Verlag München 2008)

Source: German Wikipedia Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (November 2010)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (November 2010)

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