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Christopher Borrett (Baritone, Conductor)

Born: England

The English baritone and conductor, Christopher Borrett, was an academic and choral scholar at New College, Oxford from 2005 to 2008. At university he performed solos with New Collegeís world-renowned choir on live broadcasts, recordings and in concert. Most notably he performed solos in a programme of François Couperin and Purcell at the York Early Music Festival, and a performance of J.S. Bachís St John Passion (BWV 245) in New College Chapel. At university he conducted the Wykeham Singers, Oxford New Orchestra, Worcester College Opera and New Chamber Opera Studio. As musical director of these ensembles he conducted such works as George Frideric Handelís oratorio Judas Maccabaeus, Glassí opera, The Fall of the House of Usher, Griegís Piano Concerto in A minor, L.v. Beethovenís Symphony No.3 and Dvorakís Symphony No.9.

After university Christopher Borrett was selected to be a member of the Monteverdi Choir Apprentice Scheme under Sir John Eliot Gardiner. Having completed his year-long apprenticeship, Christopher sings with the ensemble regularly performing a wide range of repertoire ranging from Bizetís Carmen and Igor Stravinskyís Symphony of Psalms to madrigals by Monteverdi and part-songs by Johannes Brahms. As a member of the Monteverdi Choir he has taken small solo and consort roles such as on the groupís most recent recording of the J.S. Bachís Motets, a concert performance of Rossiniís Petite Messe Solenelle and the role of Samuel in Purcellís Saul and the Witch of Endor. He also sings with other ensembles such as the Marian Consort, the Barabant Ensemble, Stile Antico, Ludus Baroque and the Dunedin Consort.

In 2010 Christopher Borrett moved to East Anglia and was soon appointed musical director of the Ipswich Chamber Choir. Under his directorship the choir has performed works such as Tallisí Spem in alium, Bachís Christ lag in Todesbanden (BWV 4) and Jesu eine Freude (BWV 227), Benjamin Brittenís St Nicolas and W.A. Mozartís Vesperae Solennes de confessore. Over the past two years, he has worked closely with the Pimlott Foundation conducting works such as G.F. Handelís Messiah, Antonio Vivaldiís Gloria and Purcellís Ode on Saint Ceciliaís Day 1692.

Past Solo Performances: Late Night Song Recital - music by Warlock, (Aldeburgh Festival); Pilate & Arias in J.S. Bachís St John Passion (BWV 245) (Merton College Oxford, Passiontide Festival); Judas, Peter, Pontifex in J.S. Bachís St Matthew Passion (BWV 244) (Dunedin Consort); Saturne in Lullyís Phaeton; Aeneas in Purcellís Dido & Aeneas; Adonis in Blowís Venus & Adonis; Polyphemus in G.F. Handelís Acis & Galatea; Argante in G.F. Handelís Rinaldo; scenes for Renaissance Voices; Dietrich Buxtehudeís Membra Jesu Nostri (Musica Poetica); Robert Schumannís Manfred (Monteverdi Choir); G.F. Handelís Messiah (Tewkesbury Abbey); G.F. Handelís Hercules (New Chamber Opera); Sarastro in W.A. Mozartís The Magic Flute (Hampstead Garden Opera); J.S. Bachís Cantata BWV 82 Ich habe genug (Merton Passiontide Festival).

Future Solo Performances: W.A. Mozartís C minor Mass (Milton Keynes Choral Society, January 2013); Arvo Pärtís Passio (Merton College Passiontide Festival, March 2013); George Frideric Handelís Messiah (Merton College Passiontide Festival, March 2013).

Christopher Borrett is an experienced singing teacher having taught in schools and privately. As part of his work for the Pimlott Foundation he has organised and led workshops in Choral Singing (Junior and Senior) and in Composition (film music and song accompaniments.)

CD Recordings: John Rutter: the Tewkesbury collection, (Delphian Records); An Emerald in a Work of Gold (music from the Dow Part Books) with Marian Consort (Delphian Records); Bach Motets with John Eliot Gardiner & the Monteverdi Choir (SDG); Coronation Mass & Vespereae solemnis de confessore (Delphian Records); O Virgo Benedicta (music from the Spanish Century of Gold), Marian Consort (Delphian Records); Three Kings, Cornelius The Three Kings (Delphian Records); Bible Songs, Stanford (Delphian Records).

Source: Christopher Borrett Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (March 2013)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




John Butt


BWV 245

John Eliot Gardiner


Member of Monteverdi Choir:
BCP Vol. 28 (2012):
BWV 43 [2nd], BWV 37 [2nd], BWV 128 [2nd], BWV 11 [2nd]
V-9 (2011):
BWV 225-230, BWV Anh 159
F-1 (2013):
BWV 249 [1st]
V-13 (2013):
BWV 232 [2nd recording]
V-10 (2015):
BWV 232 [3nd recording]
V-11 (2015, Video)
BWV 232 [4th recording]

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