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Richard Burdick (Horn)

Born: 1961 - El Cerrito, Berkeley, California, USA

The American horn player, Richard Burdick, was trained more on the job than anything. His main teacher was Earl Saxton, who was 1st Horn Pitsburgh in the early 1950's, 3rd Horn S.F. Symphony late 1950's, and 1st Horn Oakland Symphony 1960's.

Richard Burdick was in the 1980s first Horn of Napa Symphony, a member of a San Francisco based theater orchestra and played lots of chamber music as manager of Trinity Chamber Concerts, a chamber music series in Berkeley California. Starting in 1990 he played fourth Horn full-time for Sacramento Symphony, which went bankrupt in 1996. He won auditions and played for Fresno Philharmonic (1997-2001), Napa Symphony (1988-1990; 1997-2003); North State Symphony (2001-2003), Sacramento Opera (1991-2003) and Sacramento Philharmonic (1998-2003). He has aleardy played at festivals such as Bear Valley Music Festival (1992 - present), Music In The Mountains (1993 - present) and Strauss Festival (1991- present).

From 1996 to 2003 Richard Burdick did also substitute work, performing as first horn with the California Ballet, Classical Philharmonic, Chico Symphony, Concerto Orchestra in San Francisco, Jarvis Conservatory Opera in Napa, Modesto Symphony, Napa Symphony, North Valley Symphony Orchestra, Rhonert Park Chamber Orchestra, Sacramento Philharmonic, San Juaquin Ballet Orchestra, Santa Rosa Symphony, Tahoe Festival, U. C. Davis Opera - Emperor Norton premiere, Vallejo Symphony and West Bay Opera. He also played in the horn section with the California Symphony, Marin Symphony, Monterey Symphony, Oakland East Bay Symphony, San Francisco Ballet, San Jose Symphony, Santa Rosa Symphony, Utah Symphony Orchestra and more.

Richard Burdick moved move to Canada in 2003, with his wife Rebecca and children, marking the start of the fourth major period in his musical Career. Since fall of 2003 he is the first horn of Regina Symphony Orchestra and the Regina Symphony Chamber Players in Regina Saskatchewan.

Richard Burdick is a prolific composer and has many self produced CDs of his own compositions, Bach and his classical natural horn playing.

Source: I Ching Music Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (December 2006)

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