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Ensemble Claroscuro (Instrumental Ensemble)

Founded: 2002 - France

The Baroque ensemble, Ensemble Claroscuro, was founded in October 2002, under the initiative of the oboist Yanina Yácubsohn, bringing together some twenty young musicians from the French and European conservatoires. It was originally given as a vocation the exploration of repertoires involving a rich number (Muffat, Biber, J.S. Bach and other Baroque composers). However, Claroscuro is not limited to a purely Baroque repertoire, systematically proposing in bis works from jazz or popular music, through original arrangements by Emmanuel Savoye (works by Thelonious Monk, Gershwin, Hermeto Pascoal, Alberto Ginastera, etc ...). Another special feature of the ensemble is to invite internationally renowned musicians to direct the repertoire they want. This was particularly the case with Skip Sempé and Kenneth Weiss, in works by Biber, Purcell, Muffat ...

In 2003 and 2004, the ensemble benefited from the support of the Mairie de Paris (aide Jeunes Talents).

In 2010, Ensemble Claroscuro opted for a reduced formation (harpsichord, string quintet and winds) in order to diversify his repertoire and move more towards chamber music. In 2013, Ensemble Claroscuro recorded a CD mixing Baroque music and arrangements of jazz pieces.

The musicians who constitute the ensemble are also regular members of Baroque ensembles of world-wide reputation, such as Les Arts Florissants (Director: William Christie), Le Concert Spirituel (Director: H. Niquet) or Les Musiciens du Louvre (Director: Marc Minkowski).

Concert History

October 2002: Trie-le-Château (J.S. Bach, Monk)
January and May 2003: Temple du Foyer de l’Âme (Paris 11): Muffat, Biber, Purcell, George Frideric Handel, Monk - under the direction of Skip Sempé
December 2003: Conservatoire du 11ème: G.F. Handel, J.S. Bach, Jan Dismas Zelenka, Monk - under the direction of Nicolas Sansarlat; baritone: Bernard Arrieta
February 2004: Halle Saint Pierre (Paris 18): Georg Philipp Telemann, J.D. Zelenka, H. Pascoal - under the direction of Daniela Nuzzoli
September 1, 2004 (Perigueux, Festival Sinfonia): G.P. Telemann, Monk - under the direction of Marcel Ponseele
February 11, 2005 (Eglise Allemande, Paris 9): Benda, Haydn, W.A. Mozart - under the direction of Kenneth Weiss; soprano: Emmanuelle Isenmann
August 8, 2005: Opening of the Festival “Cordes et âmes” (La Charité sur Loire): Biber, G.P. Telemann, J.D. Zelenka, Monk
December 18, 2005 (Eglise Allemande, Paris 9): Johann Rosenmüller, G.P. Telemann, G.F. Handel, O. Farres; soprano: Barbara Kusa
June 8, 2010 (Salon Adjuvance, Paris 9): Antonio Vivaldi, Tomaso Albinoni, Marcelli (concerti) - Soloists: Anibal Sierra (transverse flute) and Yanina Yacubsohn (oboe)


Source: Ensemble Claroscuro Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (July 2017)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (July 2017)

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