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Divine Mechanism (Electronic Ensemble)

Founded: Melbourne, Australia:

Divine Mechanism

Divine Mechanism is a renovation of heritage tunes with modern technology. Well-known pieces from antiquity are developed and arranged into a new, more dynamic experience of sound.

Coming together to combine their individual strengths and skills, Katie and Gareth set about to create something fresh and unique. Influenced by a wide range of musical tastes, they select music that moves them, but may not be part of today's musical diet. Mixing the sounds of today's music with the melodies of the past.

Katie (vocals)

Katie debuted as a singer at the age of 2 singing ABBA tunes and also dabbled in percussion - banging her mumís saucepans. Her more formal tuition began when her music teacher at her new primary school gave her a recorder book and asked her to join the school choir....

Growing up in sunny and beachie Perth gave her a great foundation in all things musical and was where she first studied voice at University. She also studied voice at universities in Illinois (USA) and Melbourne. Katie has performed as a soloist in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, USA, Hong Kong, UK and New Zealand. She is also a choral director and has been the manager of Tankstream Quartet (now the Australian String Quartet).

Gareth (composer/arranger)

As a musician, Gareth has indulged in a wide variety of modes to express his love of beautiful music. From an early age, he has learned, written, and performed music in many styles - from classical to electronic. He started writing/arranging music from the first time he picked up an instrument (a much-loved and chewed plastic recorder in prep) and since then has studied piano and trumpet. He decided he had had enough of playing the trumpet when he left it on a train and realised that maybe that wasnít a bad thing.

Since then, Gareth has studied composition at University and written music for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Garethís other love is the environment which is a big influence in his music.

Source: Divine Mechanism Website
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Aryeh Oron (November 2009)

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