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Dresdner Kapellsolisten (Chamber Orchestra)

Founded: 1994 - Dresden, Saxony, Germany

The name Dresdner Kapellsolisten (= DKS) is a synonym for energetic and inspiring performances. In 1994 their passion for the historically informed performance practice of the Baroque, Classical and Romantic music repertoire united the members of the ensemble. Under the musical direction of their “Primus inter Pares” Helmut Branny - one of the founding members - the Dresdner Kapellsolisten translate the language and stylistic elements of music into fascinating, vivid interpretations. Great sound and the search for musical authenticity thereby go hand in hand.

Many of the musicians come from the world renowned Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden. The size of the ensemble varies according to programme and repertoire. Typical of the ensemble’s approach to music is the thorough analysis of the background surrounding a piece of music. All of the members are equally involved in this process. At the same time the musician are called to contribute not only as part of the orchestra but also as soloists.

One of the major aims of the Dresdner Kapellsolisten is the continuous, historically and stylistically comprehensive care for the enormous heritage of chamber music. Another matter particularly near to the ensemble’s heart is the re-discovery of almost forgotten music. Their thoroughly-researched interpretations cast the spotlight of today on composers like Johann Gottlieb Naumann, Anton Teyber, Johann Baptist Neruda, Antonio Rosetti und Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel. Within this field particular attention is given to the revival of works by composers connected with the city or region of Dresden like Franz Seydelmann, Johann Georg Pisendel, Johann Gottlieb Graun and Antonio Lotti. Contemporary music is yet another field of interest for the Dresdner Kapellsolisten. Conducted by Helmut Branny they have performed several world premieres, f. e. of works by Rainer Lischka, Takashi Jashimatsu and Berthold Paul.

Multi-faceted engagements take the Dresdner Kapellsolisten to the important concert halls of Germany, f. e. Philharmonie Berlin, and to many renowned festivals like Rheingau Music Festival, Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Usedom Festival, Würzburger Mozartfest, Festival Mitte-Europa and Bad Kissinger Sommer. Travelling abroad the ensemble has also given concerts in Italy, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Japan. It has enjoyed working with celebrated soloists like Isabelle van Keulen, Viktoria Mullova, Jan Vogler, François Leleux, Maurice André, Axel Köhler, Danjulo Ishizaka, Matthias Goerne, Alison Balsom, Peter Schreier and Peter Rösl as well as highly talented young musicians like Nils Mönkemeyer, Martin Stadtfeld, Gábor Boldoczki and Sergej Nakariakov. Also, the orchestra frequently works together with soloists from its own background - the Dresden Staatskapelle. Over many years a strong collaboration has developed between the Dresdner Kapellsolisten under Helmut Branny and the famous Dresdner Kreuzchor. Numerous CD recordings give proof of the musical diversity covered by the orchestra.

One of the highlights of last season was the musical “Anatevka” at the Dresdner Musikfestspiele in the Schauspielhaus Dresden.
The Dresdner Kapellsolisten toured to Meran and Brixen performing J.S. Bach’s Matthäus-Passion (BWV 244) with the Dresdner Kreuzchor.
Concerts in the Philharmonie in Cologne, the Schauspielhaus in Berlin, the Rheingau Music Festival, the Festival Mitte Europa and the Lausitzer Music Summer Festival as well as a tour with the trumpet soloist Alison Balsom in Germany and Austria were very successful.
The newly released CD “My Tunes 2” (Sony, release: June 2010) is a good example of its frequent work in collaboration with cellist Jan Vogler.
The Dresdner Kapellsolisten received the German Music Award “Echo Klassik 2010” for the recording “Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten” with violist Nils Mönkemeyer. Further CD’s are in progress.
As well as being invited to the Bachfest Leipzig and the Choriner Music Sommer the Dresdner Kapellsolisten will be performing the opera Teofane by Antonio Lotti next season.

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Source: Dresdner Kapellsolisten Website (2010-2011 season)
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Aryeh Oron (June 2012)

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Roderich Kreile


BWV 232 [1st]

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Helmut Branny


2 Arias from BWV 82, arranged for violoncello with orchestra or string orchestra [w/ cellist Jan Vogler]

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