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Sinfonietta Dresden (Chamber Orchestra)

Founded: 1994 - Dresden, Saxony, Germany

Sinfonietta Dresden evolved from the young chamber orchestra of Dresden, which was established in 1994 with a celebratory concert in the Orangery of the Palace Dresden-Pillnitz. Coral symphonic selections and instrumental music from the Baroque until the modern times form the fundamental work of the orchestra.

In church concerts, the Sinfonietta Dresden plays regularly with the Singakademie Dresden, Dresdner Bachchor (Bach choir), Dresdner Frauenkirchenchor (church-of-our-ladies choir), Chor der Hochschule für Kirchenmusik Dresden (choir of the University for Church Music of Dresden), as well as the Meißner Kantorei 1961 (church choir of Meißen). Further partners of playing jointly are, among other ones, the Dresdner Kreuzchor (cross choir of Dresden), Dresdner Kapellknaben (chapel lads of Dresden) and Neue Körnersche Singverein (new sing society of Körner).

With the concert series "Tensions" under the direction of Milko Kersten, in whose performances all Mozart- piano concerts are compared to, the music of the 20th century, the Sinfonietta Dresden establishes itself with a unique programme in the concert life of Dresden. Through premieres of contemporary composition, among others, Herman Berlinski, Ludger Vollmer, Thomas Kupsch, Uwe Krause, Matthias Drude, Dietrich Lohff, Steven Rosenhaus and Karsten Gundermann, the ensemble again and again finds an exciting balance between care for tradition and the intensive engagement for new music.

Since 1995 the ensemble has regularly played the year concert of the child composer class in Halle/Dresden under the direction of Hans Jürgen Wenzel and Milko Kersten. Concert invitations led the Sinfonietta Dresden to numerous festivals such as the Dresdner Musikfestspielen, Festival Dreiklang, Koblenzer Mendelssohn -Tagen, Dresdner Tagen zeitgenössischer Musik and the Frühjahrstagen zeitgenössischer Musik Weimar.

Beside co-operations with the ZDF, the MDR, the BR and the Slovak broadcast, CD recordings with works of Antonio Salieri, Franz Schubert, Matthias Drude and Dietrich Lohff were produced.


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