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Florence Duchène (Mezzo-soprano, Contralto)

Born: France

The French mezzo-soprano/contralto, composer and music pedagogue, Florence Duchène, won in 1991 Gold Medal for singing and in 1993 Professional Prize of the Region unanimously at the CNR of Grenoble, where she studied in the class of Angela Garabedian. In May 2003, she won 1st Prize at the Concours de Chant Léopold Bellan, degree of excellence. She perfected her singing with Gary Magby, Sarah Sanders and Alain Charles .She expanded her repertoire with the vocal coach and harpsichordist Jory Vinikour. From 2003 to 2006 they performed together in 20 concerts.

Florence Duchène was a choir member of the Les Musiciens du Louvre Grenoble (Director: Marc Minkowski), Théâtre du Châtelet, Radio France and the Opéra National de Paris .She has been a soloist of the Atelier des Musiciens du Louvre, Le Concert Arcadien (which she founded in 2003), Le duo Celtilia, Per Saecula Saeculorum.

Florence Duchène teaches vocal technique since 1990: Atelier d’Expression Arc-en-Ciel in Grenoble (October 1990-December 1991); Ecole de Musique d’Annonay (March 1991-October 1991); Singing teacher in Grenoble (January 1992-October 1996); ACPM in Grenoble (April 1994-December 1994); Association «La Portée de Tous» in Gières (October 1996-June 2001); Ecole de Musique de Meylan (September 1999-August 2001); Association « A Chœur Joie » in Grenoble (October 1999-January 2000); Association «Chorale Mosaïque» in Crolles (October 2005-March 2006); Association «Les Voix Intemporelles»; teacher in Grenoble region (September 2003-March 2006); Teacher in the Paris region (September 2003-Present).

Parallelly to her singing and teaching career, Florence Duchène is also dedicated to the composition. Among her recent works: La Prière and Missa Santa Clelia for three voices a cappellal Les Offices de l'Assomption : Ave Maria, Vigile, Missa Virgo Maria and Dixit Dominus, for two voices and drone; and Stabat Mater for three voices and basso continuo.

Source: Florence Duchène Website (2013) & Les Artistes d’Eol Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (February 2014); Photos: Jean -François Théry
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (February 2014)

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