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European Medical Students' Choir (Choir)

Founded: 1996 - London, England

The European Medical Students' Choir (= EMSC) unites over 200 medical students and singing enthusiasts from many European countries who meet once or twice a year in different cities across Europe.

The EMSC was founded in 1996 in London by a medical student, Vasuki Sivagnavel, and since then performances have taken place in Berlin, Ljubljana, Budapest, Stockholm, Valladolid, Warszawa, Riga, Edinburgh, Berlin, Porto. The next event is in Heidelberg during the Easter week 2004.

Each project, which consists of a week of intensive rehearsals followed by one or two public concerts, is organised by local medical students. They are completely responsible for their event and have managed to create unique meetings reflecting individuality and creativity of the organising committees and their countries. The money required for the rehearsal week and the concerts is raised from sponsors, but the participants usually also have to pay a fee around 150€ each.

The basis association is situated in Germany. Its name is "EMSC e.V.". The EMSC main board consists of past and future organizers. It is open to everyone willing to take part in planning and organizing events. Its current function is the organization of the project Heidelberg 2004. Afterwards, it functions as a common bank account and general support for future projects, who usually have their own association status and bank account.

The proceeds from the public concerts go to both local and international medical charities (for example a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Warszawa and "Médecins Sans Frontières"). Every EMSC meeting means 7-10 days of intensive rehearsals to give beneficial performances. It also is a great opportunity for medical students from over 20 European countries to make international friendships, practice foreign languages, get to know each others' cultures and enjoy singing beautiful and demanding music together. We believe that the European Medical Students' Choir is a living example of how the European idea is translated into practice.

Source: EMSC Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (June 2005)

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