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Richard Edlinger (Conductor)

Born: April 23, 1958 - Bregenz, Austria
Died: November 10, 2005 - Budapest, Hungary

The Austrian conductor Richard Edlinger, directed his first concerts at the age of 17. He completed his studies in conducting and composition at the Vienna Musikhochschule in 1982, by which time he had already acquired considerable professional experience. Among his teachers feature Professor Karl Österreicher, Hans Swarowsky, Miltiades Caridis, Witold Rowicki and Milan Harvat. He obtained his first international success as the award winner (and the youngest finalist) of the 1983 Guido Cantelli Conductors' Competition at La Scala, Milan, the Austrian Radio and Broadcasting Company ORF-Salzburg and many others.

Richard Edlinger realised many concert tours through nearly all European States and also in Asia. He co-operated with such orchestras as the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra, Zagreb Philharmonic, Niederösterreichische Tonkünstler, Silesian State Philharmonic, State Philharmonic Orchestra of Kosice (Slovakia), State Philharmonic Orchestra of Bucharest, and National Symphony Orchestra of Taipei.

In 1987 Richard Edlinger founded together with the Austrian opera singer Heinz Holeck the Festival of Kamptal, a summer resort area in the Danube region. In the context of opera performances he conducted at the Vienna Kammeroper, Festival of “Mozart in Schönbrunn”, Opera Houses of Stuttgart, Saarbrücken, Lucerne, Teatro Nacional San Carlo in Lisbon, Teatro Verdi in Triest, Teatro Colon of Buenos Aires, and the summer festival of Mörbisch in the Austrian province of Burgenland.

His tour of Japan with The Bat of Johann Strauss son, the new year’s concert of 2000 at the Santury Hall in Tokyo and his Asia tour with Symphonic Orchestra of the Vienna Volksoper illustrate his wide range of conducting skills. Another brilliant sample of his talents Richard Edlinger delivered at the open air concert at the Pyramids in Cairo. He also conducted two open air concerts at the Vienna event “Donauinselfest” in front of 100,000 persons.

Furthermore, Richard Edlinger managed the first recordings with numerous broadcasting companies, such as the German WDR. He also had his own works, like the ballet music Reaktionen, recorded. Apart from his various activities as conductor, documented by his CD-productions with EMI, Marco Polo and Naxos, since 1995 he was also in charge of the master-class for conductor at the Vienna Music Seminar.

Source: Richard Edlinger Website; Naxos Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (August 2010)

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