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Paul Edmon (Bass)

Born: Seattle, Washington, USA

The American computational astrophysicist and bass singer, Paul Edmon, obtained his High School Diploma from Inglemoor High School (1996-2000); his Bacxhor of Science degree in from University of Washington in Seattle, Washington (2000-2004; Worked as an undergraduate on the WALTA project with Professor R. Jeffery Wilkes); his Ph. D in Astrophysics from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in Minneapolis (2004-2010; Activities and Societies: Lutheran Student Fellowship, History of Astronomy Reading Group, Astronomy Department Outreach, Universe in the Park).

Paul Edmon has worked as Research Assistant at University of Washington (January 2002-May 2004); Teaching Assistant of Astronomy at University of Minnesota (August 2004-May 2006); Teaching Assistant of Astrophysics at University of Minnesota (January-May 2008); Research Assistant at University of Minnesota (August 2004-July 2010); Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Manitoba in Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada (August 2010-October 2011); Regent at Concordia Seminary St Louis (since July 2016); ITC Research Computing Associat at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachussetts (since November 2011; acting as liaison between Faculty of Arts and Sciences Research Computing and Institute for Theory and Computation at the Center for Astrophysics). He specializes in High Performance Computing and astrophysical fluid dynamics. He has extensive experience in supercomputing, job scheduling, parallel filesystems, parallel code, user education, and software deployment. My research interests include plasma physics, cosmic rays, supernovae, pulsar wind nebulae, and numerical methods.

Volunteer activities include: Congregational President at Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Campus Church (February 2007-February 2010); Choir Member of First Lutheran Church Choir in Boston (since November 2011; has sung bass under the direction of Bálint Karosi, Cheryl Ryder, and Jonathan Wessler); Lutheran Essentials Instructor at First Lutheran Church (since May 2013; teaches a course on the basics of Lutheran theology and doctrine). In addition, he sings in a semiprofessional choir called Canto Armonico, with which he has recorded a CD and gone on tour in Germany. Among his other intellectual pursuits are theology, history, mythology, philosophy, and music. He currently lives in Medford, Massachusetts.

Source: Paul Edmon profiles on LinkedIn & Facebook
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Aryeh Oron (August 2017)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Bálint Karosi


Member of First Lutheran Church Choir:
C-5 (2012, Audio):
BWV 80 [2nd recording]
C-7 (2014, Video):
BWV 29

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