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Eduardo Egüez (Lute, Guitar, Arranger)

Born: Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Argentinean lutenist and guitarist, Eduardo Egüez, first studied guitar with Miguel Angel Girollet and Eduardo Fernández. His studies in composition were conducted at the Catholic Argentine University, while in 1995 he obtained his diploma in lute from the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis under the guidance of Hopkinson Smith.

Eduardo Egüez has given many solo concerts in the main cities of South America, Europe, Australia and Japan, being well received by critics worldwide and highly appreciated by the public. He was received awards in the following international competitions: Promociones Musicales in Buenos Aires, 1984; Círculo Guitarrístico Argentino in Buenos Aires, 1984; Concours International de Guitare in Paris (Radio France), 1986; V Concurso Internacional de Guitarra (Jacinto and Inocencio Guerrero Foundation) in Madrid, 1989.

Since 1992 to the present, Eduardo Egüez has performed as a basso continuo player, being part of several groups such as: Elyma (Gabriel Garrido), Hespèrion XXI (Director: Jordi Savall), Ensemble Baroque de Limoges (Director: Christophe Coin), La Grande Écurie et la Chambre du Roy (Director: Jean-Claude Malgoire), Aurora (Director: Enrico Gatti), Concerto Italiano (Director: Rinaldo Alessandrini), Labyrinto (Director: Paolo Pandolfo), The Rare Fruits Council (Director: Manfred Kraemer), Café Zimmermann (Directors: Pablo Valetti / Céline Frisch), Les Sacqueboutiers (Director: J.P. Canihac), Ricercar Consort (Director: Philippe Pierlot). He has also accompanied artists such as Emma Kirkby, Maria Cristina Kiehr, Rolf Lislevand, Victor Torres, among others.

Eduardo Egüez has recorded for several labels as: Astrée Auvidis, Astrée Naïve, Arcana, Glossa, K617, Op 111, Alia Vox, E Lucevan le Stelle, Stradivarius, Symphonia, Alpha, Ambroisie, Naxos, Flora, Mirare, Accent, Harmonia Mundi. As a soloist he has recorded “Tombeau” with works by Silvius Leopold Weiss (E Lucevan le Stelle), the complete lute works by J.S. Bach (M.A. recordings) and “Le Maître du Roi” with works by Robert de Visée (M.A. recordings). At the same time, he leads the Ensemble La Chimera. With this ensemble he has recorded for the label M.A. recordings “Buenos Aires Madrigal” (fusion of early Italian madrigals and Argentinean tango) and “Tonos y Tonadas” (fusion of early Spanish “tonos humanos” and folk music from Latinoamerica).

Eduardo Egüez teaches lute and basso continuo at the Zürich Conservatory (Switzerland). Hae has given international courses and seminars, the most noteworthy being: Camping Musical Bariloche in Argentina, Universidad Católica Argentina, Universidad Católica de Santiago de Chile, Instituto para las Artes in Uruguay, Musikhochschule Wuppertal in Germany, Conservatoire Populaire de Musique in Geneva, Fundación La Caixa in Murcia, Spain, Conservatorio di Musica V. Bellini in Palermo, Italy, Fondation Royaumont in France, Académie Baroque Européenne d’Ambronay in France, Festival de Guitarra de Gran Canaria in Spain, Tokyo Lute Society in Japan, Lute Society of Sydney in Australia, Early Music Festival in Gijón, Spain, High School of Music in Salvador de Bahia, Brasil.

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BWV 198, BWV 234 [w/ Ricercar Consort]

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