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JanJoost van Elburg (Choral Conductor, Counter-tenor)

Born: May 1, 1962 - Amsterdam, The Nertherlands

The Dutch choral conductor and counter-tenor, JanJoost van Elburg, obtained his 1st/2nd degrees in Art/Health Studies from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VL-VU) (1981-1987); and his DM degree in Choral Conducting from Conservatorium Rotterdam (1987-1991). He studied with Barend Schuurman - one of the leading conducting teachers in Holland - at the Conservatory of Rotterdam. He also studied singing with Jelle Draijer (of the Nederlands Kamerkoor), Margreet Honig, and with Ghislaine Morgan in England.

JanJoost van Elburg is active as a choral conductor since 1987. His conductorships have included included: The Lelikoor (Amsterdam, since 1987), The Bartholomew Consort (Oxford, since 2001), The Reading Bach Choir (Reading, 2003-2010), Blackdowns Early Music Projects (= BEMP, England, since 2005), The Renaissance Singers (London, 2007-2010), and Le Pavillon (Amsterdam, 2008-2012), Westerkerkkoor (Amsterdam, since October 2012), and he is vocal coach for COQU (Utrecht). He is a teacher of ensemble technique and training, singing, theory and choral conducting. He has been invited to work with such ensembles as Cantiones Sacrae (Dundee), Polyhymnia (New York), the Monteverdi String Band (UK) and the English His Majesty's Sagbutts and Cornetts Ensemble. He has directed “Grand Baroque” projects at Exeter Cathedral.

As a singer JanJoost van Elburg has performed with a wide variety of ensembles, including The Tallis Scholars (Director: Peter Phillips), Netherlands Radio Choir, Capella Pratensis, Capella Coloniënsis in Cologne, and his own ensembles on several tours (France 2001, 2006, 2008; Italy 2007, 2009, Bulgaria 2003, 2004, Spain 2002, 2005).

JanJoost van Elburg gives workshops and lectures at home and abroad (the UK, Bulgaria, Italy, The Netherlands). He has conducted Lacock courses in England, Wales, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Croatia and Cyprus. He made several visits to the Lacock Summer School and in June 2017 he directed a programme entitled Music Divine at Music at Monteconero. In addition to the Lacock courses, he has tutored at the Tallis Scholars Summer School (2000-2003) with Peter Phillips and The Tallis Scholars; Music Camp at High Wycombe; Bulgaria European Music Festival 2003, on such subjects as Renaissance and Baroque music, madrigals, Flemish polyphony, Tudor music, and choral conducting. On the board of the Le Pavillon Foundation for contemporary music, he initiated and is principal tutor of the annual DESCANT International Choral Conductors’ Course in Amsterdam, where he lives.

In 2004 JanJoost van Elburg was president of the jury at the Dutch National Choral Contest. With Dutch composer Daan Manneke he is a member of the board of the “Le Pavillon” Foundation for contemporary music. He has been the initiator, and principal tutor, of the highly successful annual DESCANT International Choral Conductors’ Course (Amsterdam, since 2002).

Source: Lacock Courses Website (2017); Pamela Hickman's Music Interviews Blog (October 1, 2016); JanJoost van Elburg profiles on Facebook & LinkedIn; Photo 01: Sander Heezen
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (August 2017)

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