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Attila Fenyvesi (Bass, French Horn)

Born: November 28, 1973 - Balassagyarmat, (Northern) Hungary

The Hungarian bass singer and French horn player, Attila Fenyvesi, began studying music in 1983, at the age of ten, at Rózsavölgyi Márk Music School, in Balassagyarmat specializing on the hunting horn. In 1988, he passed into Bartók Béla Music School in Miskolc, for children who would like to follow a career in music for the rest of their lives. The brass quintet transformed in the school after many many concerts, and international success came unexpectedly early. In 1990, he came in first place in an international brass competition at Passau in Germany, to which the profession pays great attention. In 1991, he came in second place in the following year, and was a sweet success, what maybe contributed to the first scholarship in 1992, and was admitted with nearly a maximum score to Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. Got into the thick of Hungarian classical music life, with the result of occasionally playing in the National Opera Symphony Orchestra, and in the band “Intermoduláció Kortárs Kamarazenekar” who gave a concert to the Radio France in Paris. After this, they came on the internationally acclaimed “Szombathelyi Bartók” seminar, which included such musicians as Péter Eötvös, Zoltán Kocsis and Miklós Perényi. Attila also played in the National Philharmonic Orchestra and in the Festival Orchestra, and toured many European countries.

In 1994, Attila Fenyvesi came in first place with his brass quintet at the Prix Mercure International Chamber Competition organised in Semmering and Vienna. After this, he played with the Wiener Symphoniker , the Viennese Musikvereinsaalban on several occasions! In the same year, his brass quintet came third in the equally prestigious International Chamber Music Contest in Trapini in Sicily. Furthermore in this year, Attila and the brass quintet played W.A. Mozart's Sinfonia Concertanté with the National Philharmonic Orchestra, which was conducted by the legendary Vilmos Tátrai.

In 1995, Attila Fenyvesi played in “Gateway to Success” an open concert sponsored by Douwe Egberts and also appears on CD. In 1996, he played in a live concert for World Music Day organised by The Liszt Academy of Music and Hungarian Radio. The concert was led by Yehudi Menuhin and included Europe’s most classical music. In 1996, he won the Budapest Philip Farkas Horn Competition and travelled to America for the Horn World Conference. Gave more solo concerts in this year with the European Symphony Orchestra, in European Member countries. In 1997, Attila received French Horn Diploma from the Liszt Academy of Music. In 1997-2000, Attila toured with the Budapest Strauss Orchestra in France, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and Spain.

Attila Fenyvesi is a founding member of the band Inflagranti. His history wityh his band: In 1997, he met Zsolt Karlovits after reading an advert places on a noticeboard in the Academy of Music, and following work slowly bore fruit. In 2000, the album “Bármit Megtennék” (“I would do anything”) saw the light of day, on which more big hits were born on the radio stations. The title song opened in the charts at No. 2, and reached No. 1 for several subsequent weeks, and remains ever since on their popular playlists. In 2000, Epigramma won Jakab Líra award, and a nomination for the Golden Giraffe followed in 2001. In 2003, The group grew from two to five members, and after hundreds of appearances, they now just take on live performances. In 2003, their “Szeress Úgy” (“Love Me So”) track led the Danubius Radio Hot 20 hit list for a month. Gergő Tóth and Gergő Koós made a video for the song “Boldog Vagyok” (“I am happy”). This was the first in Hungary that was made completely using 3D computer graphics, and received more professional acclaim. In January 2005, Zsolt Karlovits left the band, which then reduced to four members: Attila Fenyvesi on vocals and keyboards, Alexander Tátrai on guitar, Attila Herr on bass, and Barna Idrányi on drums.

Attila Fenyvesi is the proprietor of Piston Records and Inflagranti’s publications. All tracks are recorded in Attila’s studio in AART-x, where Attila also creates the music, lyrics, vocals, demos, and handles the sound equipment, mixing and production work.

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