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Christine Beatrix Fischer (Soprano)

Born: 1981 - Oberberg (Ruhr Valley), North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

The German soprano, Christine Beatrix Fischer, nergan her music studies at the the University of Siegen for the subject music (main subject singing with Thomas Heyer, 1st minor piano, 2nd minor violin) and German. Besaides singing, sear leaned and practiced music making and didactics in such a study: conducting, composing, improvising. (Graduation: 1st state exam). She continued her artistic and vocal education at the Universities of Music in Detmold and Cologne with the professors Heiner Eckels and Arthur Janzen. Interesting secondary qualifications: acting, speaking, some Italian, stage wrestling and vocal physiology (diploma). She has also private singing studies with Ulrike Warren (Detmold - Pop singing) and Susanne Eisch (Minden - functional voice training after Rabbine).

Christine Beatrix Fischer sings Pop, Rock, Jazz and Classical music. As a pop singer, she has 10 years of professional experience through regular soloistic performances in large areas of POP (Rock, Dinner musik, Jazz, Gospel), among others. She hass TV recordings of the ZDF worship in January 2011 and in formats of the TeamC duo with her own compositions and CD productions (TeamCD and Edelsteine). She also participated in background singing in the ELVIS-Cover-Band The Celebration Singers (2008-2009)

Christine Beatrix Fischer is a lyrical solo concert soprano, as well as radio and television recordings (ARTE, WDR, SWR) in the oratorio area (among others accompanied by the Bachchor Siegen, Südwestfälischen Philharmonie and Chorus Musicus Köln). In the recent CD production "In Jesus" (Missionswerk Voice of hope), she has sung the solo parts. As chorus soprano, her concert activity includes: Kammerchor Stuttgart (CD: Felix Mendelssohn's Lobgesang ) and the opera procductios: Arnold Schoenberg's Moses und Aron (2009, Chorwerk Ruhr, Ruhrtriennale/ Jahrhunderthalle), Wolfgang Rihm's Proserpina (2006, Chorus Musicus Köln/Schwetzinger Festspiele) and R. Wagner's Der fliegende Holländer (2004-2005, Theater Hagen), and the new Pro-Christ-CD "Gott hat uns nicht vergessen" (2013).

Christine Beatrix Fischer is a private vocal teacher since 2007. She was honorary director and participated in the self-composed Christmas Pop Cantata Wie es Maria erging in the Frei evangelischen community GM-Dieringhausen (Decembver 2012). She was singing and piano teacher at the Städtische Musikschule Sankt Augustin (2009-2010). She gave elementary music lessons (singing / music theory / percussion for beginners) for kindergartens and primary children schools in the Kinderdorf Bergisch-Gladbach (2008-2010). She gave vocational training in the Kölner Bachverein (conducted by Thomas Neuhoff, 2009/2011). She was director of a guitar company at the Evangelischen Freien Hauptschule Detmold (2007). She participated in Musical-AG at the Waldschule Siegen-Geisweid with the main focus on learning. preparation, composition and direction of the Musical Schattenwelt und Farbenwelt (2005-2006). Her State work, later also recognized as a diploma thesis: Didactic methodological considerations on musical work using the example of an experiment with pupils at secondary level I. Conducting, conception, composition and performance of the musical Das Herz der Musik. A competition of musical styles in collaboration with pupils (2005).


Source: Christine Beatrix Fischer Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (August 2017)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (August 2017)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Christoph Spering


Member of Chorus Musicus Köln:
C-2 (2014):
BWV 57, BWV 32

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