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Akiya Fukushima (Baritone)

Born: Japan

The Japanese baritone, Akiya Fukushima, is a garduate of the tokyo national university of fine arts and music graduation. The same graduate school completion. Agency for Cultural Affairs opera training institute completion. As a Agency for Cultural Affairs dispatch artist overseas study member studying abroad to Milan. At the 54th Japanese music competition he was 1st rank (Fukuzawa prize prize winning). At the 30th overseas dispatch competition he received special commendation. With 10th Corso di Canto which is held with 92 year [santa] [marugerita] 1st rank, the gold medal prize winning. Power' hula [meritone] of 89 year 'destiny, to be appraised 'the Hamlet' title roll high, the 17th [jiro] opera prize new member prize prize winning. 90 year two period meeting 'butterfly lady' (the new production which is based on the Milan premiere edition) [yakushide] was played effectively, even in the [savuarinna] opera festival internationally high appraisal was obtained with the same part. 91 year 'filter & fan [toutsute]' [gurierumo], 'the Don [jiyovuanni]' title roll, 'the demon whistle' valve person, 92 year 'evening the crane' luck [zu], 'haircut teacher' [huigaro] of [sevuiria], 93 year 'demon whistle' [papageno], golden' [vuotan] of two period meeting 'line, 94 year 'element 戔 ringing' you perform thickly with the ball. In replaying 96 years it is extolled with the leading part, 'your [hi] temporary [ke]' 'celebrates and vis-a-vis the achievement which serves the large part of the Japanese opera in the night when song flows' the 25th [jiro] opera prize grand prix prize winning. 97 years (00 and 02 years) 'warehouse' moat Yasubee loyal retainer, Niikuni stand theater 'building', in 98 senior field Olympic commemoration 'Yosimitu temple stories' starring. Furthermore announcing the rich voice which increases depth with Niikuni stand theater cosponsor '[arabetsura]' [mandorika]. 99 year [bi] [wa] lake hole 'Don [karuro]' [rodorigo], you perform with 00 year Niikuni stand theater cosponsor '[sarome]' [yohanan]. With east [huiruoperakonchierutante] “Otello” [iyago], psychological description of role was expressed with the colorful timbre and perfect technique and large applause of the audience was poured. 01 year two period meeting 'like this [ri]' [huaruke], it puts up a good show with the person in regard to 03 year two period meeting 'butterfly lady' shear press and 04 year Niikuni stand theater cosponsor 'ringing God' ringing God. Kyoto University of Arts assistant professor, the Japanese performance union member and two period meeting member.

Source: Takefu International Music Festival Board Website (2005)
Contributed by
Teddy Kaufman (July 2006)

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Akiya Fukushima, baritone (Takefu International Music Festival Board 2005) [Japanese]


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