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Lynne Gangbar (Guitar)

Born: 1957 - Toronto, Canada

The Canadian guitarist, Lynne Gangbar, began studing the guitar at the age of seven. At twelve, she was a performer in Julian Bream's televised master-classes in Stratford, Ontario. She also won the praise of Andrés Segovia - he said that she had "remarkable talent" when she played for him at the age of thirteen. She went on to study with other guitar masters including Alexandre Lagoya (who desribed her as "magnificent talent"), Oscar Ghiglia, Narciso Yepes and Alirio Díaz. When she was 19 years old, she appeared, at Bream's invitation, in his BBC television master-classes. She has received scholarships and many important awards including 2 maximum grants from the Canada Council. Lynne is a graduate from the Royal College of Music in London (England) where she received several awards including an Exhibition (Scholarship) which Julian Bream won when he attended the same college.

Lynne Gangbar has given numerous recitals in Canada, Great Britain and the USA receiving rave reviews for her debuts in Toronto, London (England) & New York. Her concert in London's famed Wigmore Hall elicited this response in the London Times: "She has the rare ability to shine in both quiet, sensitive playing and bravura flash...the performances were unusually compelling..." Aside from her solo performing she has played with orchestra and toured in a guitar duo with John Mills.

Lynne Gangbar has been presented on Canadian and USA Radio and has recorded 2 LP's with the CBC. The Live "In Concert" CBC recording from her very early twenties clearly demonstrates an unusually powerful technique and communicates a deep sense of emotion, understanding and insight which is rarely heard on the guitar. Her musicality and virtuosity has been compared by the critics to the legendary Ida Presti. In March 1981, at the request of the Canadian government, Lynne Gangbar performed for U.S. President Ronald Reagan and an audience that included Prime Minister Trudeau and Governor General Schreyer at Ottawa's Rideau Hall.

In the early 1980's, Lynne Gangbar withdrew from public performances for personal reasons, but never gave up, for any length of time, her involvement with music and the guitar.

In recent years, with the encouragement of her husband, Lynne Gangbar has been recording. This first CD is a brilliant recording of 20 Scarlatti harpsichord Sonatas which she has adapted for 2 guitars (playing both parts). This recording was recently featured on the very influential CBC radio program "Sound Advice" hosted by Rick Philips, who gave the disc 5-Star rating, also said: "The name Lynne Gangbar was heard pretty often in Canada back in the 1970's and 1980's, but for a variety of reasons, her career tapered off. Like Glenn Gould, Lynne Gangbar enjoys the quiet and solitude of the recording studio. Based on this recording of Scarlatti, I hope to hear more in the months and years to come - five out of five !"

"Hostess Maria-Luisa Nunez listened with Segovia while another guitarist, 13- year old Lynne Gangbar, performed for him. Segovia agreed that she has remarkable talent". - Toronto Life
Bream was astonished when he heard a tape and read on her application that she was only twelve...he could not believe it. This very self-possessed young guitarist has what Bream describes as "star quality"." - Toronto Star
"She has the rare ability to shine in both quiet, sensitive playing and bravura flash...the performances were unusually compelling..." - Times of London, England
"Technically dazzling...virtuoso brilliance" - Globe and Mail - Toronto
"She fully exploited the technical and musical resources of this difficult instrument...played with a power and clarity rarely heard on the guitar...Lynne Gangbar obviously has all the musical feeling, technique and personality to rise to the top rank." - Ottawa Citizen
"She could be another Ida Presti...playing with fire, insight, and magnificent technical assurance." - Creative Guitar International
"The amazing Miss Gangbar" - Jersey Evening Post
"Lynne Gangbar plays with such fire and gusto [and] depth of expression." - Classical Music Weekly (London, England)
"I was staggered by her virtuosity and musicianship ...she is the reincarnation of Ida Presti...equipped with the same great talent... her name is going to be ranked amongst the greatest players..." - Fretwire, London, England
"She played with the security and precision of an old master" - New York Times


Source: Liner notes to the LP 'Lynne Gangbar Live In Concert' (Musica Viva - CBC, 1984); CD Baby Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (July 2008)

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