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Kathy Geisler (Oboe, Computers)

Born: New York City (?), New York, USA

The American oboist, applier of music to computers and recording producer, Kathy Geisler, grew up in Greenwich Village in New York City. She studied the music of J.S. Bach primarily with Blanche Honegger-Moyse and Ber Lucarelli. She obtained her Bachelor of Music degree from Purchase College, SUNY and her Master of Music s degree in oboe performance from the Juilliard School.

After her studies, Kathy Geisler moved to Norther California, where she discovered the wonders of computers and technology and began applying them to music. She is Artist Representative and Artistic Director of Well Tempered Productions, which she founded. She has producer credits on more than 35 albums for the Well Tempered Productions label, many of which were recorded at the world-class Skywalker Ranch scoring stage. Besides her work for Well-Tempered, she has been instrumental as the recording liaison for the Russian National Orchestra, notably putting together the orchestra recording logistics for their Grammy Award winning album ‘Wolf Tracks,’ which also featured Sophia Loren, Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, and conducted by Maestro Kent Nagano. She has produced music and promotional videos including dozens of interviews for the online magazine Fresh Digital Produce. Her live music production credits include several concerts and tours in the USA as well as recital and orchestral concerts in several European countries. An advocate for classical music, she brings a creative and passionate spirit to all aspects of the production and presentation of each project. In asddition, she is a member of Lux Aeterna - Budapest Bach Consort.

Source: Liner notes to the CD ’21st Century Bach - 21st Century Bach - Selections from the cantatas of J.S. Bach’ realised to computers by Kathy Geisler (Well Tempered Productions, 1992); Well Tempered Productions Website; Kathy Geisler profiles on LinkedIn & Facebook
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (July 2001, August 2015)

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