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Boris Goldmund (Harp)

Born: USA

The American harpist, Boris Goldmund, studied harp in NYC with internationally renowned harpist, Mildred Dilling. Before taking up harp, he was Commissioner on the Arts for the City of Cincinnati, Executive Producer for Andy Warhol, Artist-in-Residence at the University of Maryland and Queen City Metro in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Boris Goldmund began his concert career in 1983 and has performed in almost every imaginable venue. He was featured harpist at the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco from 1991 to 2001 and harpist for the US Navy on San Francisco’s Treasure Island. He has performed for Presidents Carter Clinton, First Ladies Nancy Reagen and Hillary Clinton, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Secretary of State, Colin Powell, the President of Katzakstan, the Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church, US Senator Diane Feinstein and many others. He performs frequently on both coasts of the USA, has performed in Berlin, and most recently (2006) performed at the new Los Angeles Walt Disney Concert Hall. He has been featured on 20/20 with Barbara Walters and Getaways of the Rich and Famous. His CD's are in distribution in 114 countries around the world.

Boris Goldmund and his world fusion ensemble, Bogo, combines traditional jazz with European and African instruments. Bogo opened for Stevie Wonder at the Wonder Vision Awards at the Plaza Hotel in NYC in 1998 and Taylor Dayne at the San Francisco Passport Show.

Herb Caen of the San Francisco Chronicle called Goldmund, "San Francisco's Own Harpist". The Village Voice chose Boris’ NYC performances as “performance pick of the week” and Gourmet Magazine calls his work “light-hearted and celebratory”.

Boris Goldmund is Producter and Founder of Boris Goldmund Productions, Inc. He has a diverse and rich background as an harpist, choreographer, arts producer, recording artist, executive producer and arts administrator. He has been granted over $4.3 million for his work since 1979 and his company creates has produced works in San Francisco, NYC, Berlin, Anaheim, Cincinnati, Seattle, and Italy.. He has acted, sung and danced in over 90 theatre productions across the USA.

Source: Boris Goldmund Website; Liner notes to the album "Eklektik:Music for Harp & Other Instruments" (1989)
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Aryeh Oron (November 2009)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




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BWV 508 - arranged for harp

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