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Gino Gorini (Piano, Composer)

Born: June 22, 1914 - Venice, Italy
Died: January 27, 1989 - Venice, Italy

The renowned Italian pianist, teacher, and composer, Gino (actually: Luigino) Gorini, studied with Lino Tagliapietra (piano diploma, 1931) and Giacomo Agostini (composition diploma, 1933) at the Venice Conservatory. He also had lessons in composition with Gian-Francesco Malipiero and in piano with Vladimir Horowitz. In 1938 he won the competition in Vienna.

Gino Gorini was a Professor of piano at the Venice Conservatory for 40 years from 1940. He also made tours as a pianist in Italy and abroad. In his long career as a pianist Gorini was influenced by Gian-Francesco Malipiero, becoming at once the most qualified interpreter of the music produced by so-called "generazione dell'80" ("80 Generation"), that is centred in Ottorino Respighi and Gian-Francesco Malipiero. Gorini course did not fail to make known also the compositions of his other important teacher, Tagliapietra, and the teacher of these two, Ferruccio Busoni. In a duo with pianist Sergio Lorenzi he left splendid recordings of works for two pianos by Johannes Brahms,.F. Busoni, Claude Debussy, Antonin Dvorák, and Dmitri Lostakovic. Gorini also recorded many solo piano works by Muzio Clementi.

Among Gino Goriniís most significant compositions are: Due studi modali for piano and strings (1934) Ricercare e toccata for piano (1960), Cinque studi for two pianos, strings and percussion (1959), Pavane for violin and piano (1946). He published La musica pianistica di G. Francesco Malipiero (Florence, 1977).


Film scores

Maschere for Small orchestra (1934)
Tre omaggi (1934)
Suite for Violin and orchestra. (1934)
Due studi da concerto for Piano and orchestra (1935)
Flute Concerto (1935)
Symphony (1936)
lntroduzione e arioso (1937)
Due lnvenzioni for Piano and orchestra (1937)
Violin Concerto (1943)
Piano Concerto (1948)
Serenata for Strings, Harpsichord, and Percussion (1966)
Concerto for Viola, Piano, and orchestra (1974)

Contrasti for 5 Instruments (1934)
Divertimento for 8 Instruments (1935)
Concertino for Chamber Group (1935)
Tempo di sonata for Violin and Piano (1935)
String Quartet (1937)
Cello Sonata (1939)
Canto notturno far Cello and Piano' (1945)
Piano Quintet (1948)
Sonata for Solo Violin (1982)

Sonata (1936)
10 Preludi brevi (1941)
Ricercare e Toccata (1960)

Duo Gino Gorini & Sergio Lorenzi, photo of the Italian duo in Buenos Aires.

Source: Bakerís Biographical Dictionary of 20th Century Classical Musicians (1997); Fondazione Premio Altino Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (November 2010)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (November 2010)

Gino Gorini: Short Biography | Recordings of Instrumental Works

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