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Alfred Greenfield (Choral Conductor, Organ)

Born: March 14, 1902 - St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Died: January 14, 1983 - Princeton, New Jersey, USA

The American choral conductor, organist and composer and educator, Alfred M. Greenfield, was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, son of Joseph William and Edith Mary (Stripe) Greenfield. He studied music at the Institute for Musical Art in New York City (1922-1925), David Mannes School in New York (1925-1926), New York University (1924-1927); later at the Juilliard School of Music in New York.

Alfred Greenfield was organist at Virginia Avenue Church (Swedenborgen), St. Paul (1920); First Church Christ Scientist, St. Paul (1921-1922); Calvary Protestant Episcopal Church, New York City, (1923-1924); Fifth Church Christ Scientist, New York City (1924-1941). He was Conductor of Oratorio Society of New York (1943-1955), later honorary conductor (1955-1983). He directed the New York University Glee Club for 42 years since 1931.

As an educator, Alfred Greenfield was Instructor at New York University (1925-1929); Assistant Professor (1929-1934); Associate Professor (1934-1946); Professor Music (1946-1968). He was also Administrator department chairman music at University College (1930-1959); Teacher oratorio interpretation and conducting at Union Theological Seminary, School of Sacred Music (1945-1955); Visiting Professor at various educational institutions, summers. He was Professor of choral music Unites States department State specialist program, Colombia, South American (1962-1963); United States specialist, Dominican Republic (1969); Fulbright lecturer National Universaity, Bogota, Colombia (1961, 1964); Director National Choral Home: Winston-Salem, North Carolina University Choruses, Bogota (1971).

Alfred Greenfield was Conductor of Messiah seminar Emory University Concert Series (1972); Professor honorario Universidad de Cartagena (1962); Director Army Specialist Training Unit Glee Club, Air Cadet Singers, New York University, World World War World War II Conductor of, Bach Festival Choir, Rollins College (1946). He conducted George Frideric Handelís Messiah with Salt Lake Oratorio Society, Mormon Tabernacle Choir (1947, 1948), also with, Shreveport Civic Chorus, Dallas Symphony Orchestra in Shreveport, Louisiana, Twin City Chorus and Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra for National Convention American Guild Organists (1954); Mozart Club Chorus and Orchestra in Winston-Salem, North Carolina (1958, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1977, 1978, 1982), at Carnegie Hall with Oratorio Society of New York and Orchestra (1958). As as conductor, he worked with with chorus and orchestra Messiah, Ridgecrest, North Carolina and Glorietta, New Mexico (1965).

Alfred Greenfield composed a number of organ pieces, including Blessed Be Thou, Lord God of Israel. Other works: anthems Here, O My Lord. Solos The Hem of His Garment; Organ Prelude in Olden Style. Solo Here, O My Lord (1948), The Earth Is the Lordís. Anthem (1950), Quodlibet. For organ, 1959; Editor: University Glee Club series, since 1931.

Alfred Greenfield received a Fulbright grant in 1951 to establish choral music as an extracurricular activity at the University of Colombia in South America. The Colombian Goverment awarded him the Camillo Torres medal, the highest distinction given a foreign educator. He was member of American Guild Organists, Juilliard Alumni Association, Music library association, Phi Kappa Tau.

Alfred Greenfield married Elsie Holbrook Learned on June 15, 1925 (deceased). He married his second wife married Nancy Ann Harris on May 19, 1970. He had one son, William Edward Greenfield (born February 1967). He died in Princeton, New Jersey in 1983. He was 80 years old. He was survived by his second wife, his son, and three grandchildren, John, Nancy and Jane Greenfield.

Source: Obituary in New York Times (Published: January 20, 1983); Obituasry in PRBook
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (August 2017)

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