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Mutsumi Hatano (Mezzo-soprano)

Born: Japan

The Japanese mezzo-sopreano, Mutsumi Hatano, studied at Miyazaki University in Japan, and after graduation, completed her post-graduate studies at Trinity College of Music in London with E. Hawes.

Mutsumi Hatano started her career as a singer with lutenist Takashi Tsunoda with the programme of lute songs of J. Dowland in 1991 and since then have captured the hearts of the audience with her pure expressive voice and elegant charm. She is a busy concert performer in Japan and abroad. Since 1994, she toured for Italy, Germany, Spain, Canada, Australia India, Korea and many other countries, as the lute song duo, as a soloist of Bach Collegium Japan (Director: Masaaki Suzuki) and a vocal guest of early instruments ensemble Tablatura. She has also appeared as an ensemble member in numerous performances of madrigals and cantatas

Mutsumi Hatano's repertoire is wide and varied, seeing her sing as a soloist in music from the middle ages to the 18th century. She is captivated in performing in Baroque Opera. In opera she has performed Dido and Aeneas by Purcell (Dido), Orfeo by Moteverdi (Musica, Silvia), Anacreon by Rameau (La praitress de Baccus), Hyppolyte et Aricie by Rameau (Phèdre), L'Oroutea by Cesti (Giacinta), Dafne by da Gagliano (Defne), Idomeneo by Mozart (Idamante). She is particularly identified with the music of contemporary composers of her native Japan and other 20th century composers. She is a frequent collaborator of Michio Mamiya, and sung his Serenade No. 3 for the Hùn Qiáo; Bridge of Souls world premiere with Yo-Yo Ma at Minnesota in May 2001. She is also extensively involved in the music of Toru Takemitsu.

Mutsumi Hatano's discography includes: lute song "Sorrow stay" "The Sally Gardens" "Ancient songs", Spanish song "Cancion Espanolas", works of Monteverdi "Vespere" "Sacred songs on Monteverdi", Japanese songs "Beautiful Japanese songs", and Bach Cantatas with Masaaki Suzuki and Bach Collegium Japan.

Source: Bach Collegium Japan Website; NEC Navigates Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (November 2002); Teddy Kaufman (November 2006)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Masaaki Suzuki


BWV 44, BWV 173, BWV 184

Masaaki Suzuki


Member of Bach Collegium Japan:
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 15:
BWV 40, BWV 60, BWV 70, BWV 90
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 16:
BWV 194
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 20:
BWV 44, BWV 59, BWV 173, BWV 184

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