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Johannes Hiemetsberger (Choral Conductor)

Born: 1971 - Kaltenberg, Upper Austria

The Austrian choral conductor, Johannes Hiemetsberger, took conducting lessons with Johannes Prinz, Erwin Ortner and many other renowned choral conductors. After studying the trumpet at the Linz Bruckner Conservatory for four years, in 1990 he enrolled at the University for Music in Vienna (musical pedagogy). Two years later he continued his studies at the Vienna Conservatory (conducting with G. Mark as well as R. Schwarz and specializing in Ancient Music).

During his studies he acquired extensive experience not only as a singer but also as a rehearsal assistant with various Viennese choirs. Since 1992 he has passed on this experience at numerous choir workshops and choral conducting seminars both in Austria and abroad. In the summer of 2000, for instance, he has been invited to the „Europa Cantat“ in Nevers/France. Since 1996 he has organized the vocal workshop CANTATA, which takes place at his home community of Kaltenberg every summer.

In 1996 Johannes Hiemetsberger graduated from the University for Music in Vienna with distinction and received the Federal Esteem Award of the Ministry for Education and the Arts. In the same year he was also rewarded with the „Erwin Ortner Foundation“ prize for the promotion of choral music.

Johannes Hiemetsberger founded his own choir Chorus sine nomine in 1991. Whilst working with Chorus sine nomine, he has been responsible for the rehearsals with the Viennese Opera Theatre Choir (1997) as well as for the Summer Festival in Klosterneuburg (since 1998).

In 1998 Johannes Hiemetsberger conducted J.S. Bach's Johannes-Passion (BWV 245) at the Festival del Aurora in Crotone, ltaly. Since September 1998 he has taught conducting at the University of Music in Vienna (Department for Sacred Music and Musical Pedagogy) as well as the Diocese Conservatory of Vienna. Among the works for choir and orchestra, which as director of the Chorus sine nomine he has conducted are: Haydn's Creation, Mozart's Requiem and the Big Mass in C-minor, George Frideric Handel's Messiah and J.S. Bach's Johannes-Passion (BWV 245).

In regards to the a-cappella repertoire - Johannes Hiemetsbergers secret love - he is eager to improve his singers range of expression and seeks to bring out the fine nuances of the choir's sound, his favorite instrument.

Source: International Youth Music Festival Vienna Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (February 2010)

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