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John Bauer Brass (Brass Ensemble)

Founded: Sweden

An encounter with John Bauer Brass is an encounter with jazz, classical, modern beat, world music, and rock. When this brass quintet plays a concert, it is a mèlange of many styles.

The musicians in John Bauer Brass describe themselves as "missionaries for brass music". Today, when so much of the music we hear is either amplified or electronic, it is important for unaccustomed ears, both young and old, to have the opportunity to listen "traditional acoustic craftspeople". It is no exaggeration to say that John Bauer Brass performances like Kolli kolli massa, Escapees from the Pit and A Seed for Life have been hits with the younger generation.

John Bauer Brass have achieved a name for themselves both with audiences and with the music community, as an exciting brass quintet with a niche of their own. Their concert performances, a pleasure for both eye and ear, are musical events that capture the interest of the audiences, with elements of theater, musical theater, dance and movement. In these performances, musicians and actors perform on an equal footing. And the musicians discuss the origins of woodwind music with children with the same gravitas and sense of humor they display when performing a chamber music concert. Slowly but surely, the group has developed a unique concept and become extremely successful.

Source: Intim Music Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (November 2009)

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