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Mariët Kaasschieter (Soprano)

Born: November 23, ____ - Schoonhoven, the Netherlands

The Dutch soprano, Mariët Kaasschieter, studied at RSG de Drie Waarden. She studied singing at the Rotterdams Conservatorium with Jo Bollekamp and Trudi Koeleman. After graduation, she studied with Jelle Draijer, Diane Forlano and Rita Dams. She followed song interpretation courses with Ruud van der Meer and Robert Holl. In 1991 and 1992 she took part in the master-classes of Diane Forlano and Anthony Rolfe-Johnson at the Gregynog Festival in Wales.

As a soloist Mariët Kaasschieter is a regular guest at various choirs and orchestras. She sings and especially likes Baroque music including cantatas and Passions of J.S. Bach, but later works such as the Requiem of W. A. Mozart and G. Fauré and F. Poulenc's Gloria belong o her repertoire. In 2007 and 2008 she participated as a soloist in productions Meesterlijk en Oud & Nieuw of the Noaber Foundation.

From the end of 1988 Mariët Kaasschieter sings on a freelance basis in Nederlands Kamerkoor (Current Director: Peter Dijkstra). From 2000 to 2008 she was part of Quink, a vocal ensemble that enjoys an international reputation. With this ensemble she made annual tours to the USA, and appeared also in Germany and Asia, among othes. She regularly sings with Camerata Trajectina, a company that specializes in Dutch music from the Middle Ages to the Golden Age. In 2006, she sang with this group the opera Bacchus, Ceres en Venus by ohannes Schenck in which she performed the role of Iris. In 2012, she sang in the Triomferende by Carolus Hacquart. Both productions were released on CD. Together with harpist Lenie de Meij she forms the duo Cant’Arpa, with which she has appeared in several programmes with songs. And along with Lenie de Meij, harp and Marion Schopman, flute she forms the Ronsard Trio. She currently lives in Klaaswaal, Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands.

Mariët Kaasschieter has worked as a sinGing teacher at Tobecultuurcentrum in Barendrecht (1993-2015); St. CultuurLocaal in Barendrecht (2016-Present); Muziekschool Hoeksche Waard (2016-Present); St. Cultuureducatie Zuid-Holland Zuid in Dordrech (2016-Present).

Source: Mariët Kaasschieter & Facebook profile
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (June 2016)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Frans Brüggen


Member of Nederlands Kamerkoor:
V-5 (1992):
BWV 245 [1st]

Daniel Harding


Member of Nederlands Kamerkoor:
Audio (2015):
BWV 150, BWV 227

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