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Alina Kabanova (Piano)

Born: 1982 - Sevastopol, Ukraine

The Ukrainian pianist, Alina Kabanova, began studying piano at the age of 5 at the Moscow Conservatory’s special music school. She gave her first public recital at the age of 6; at age 9, she appeared a number of times as the soloist in L.v. Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5. In addition to numerous first prizes in the most important music competition for youth in her homeland, “New Names of the Ukraine”, she also won many international prizes at contests such as the 1995 “Città di Senigallia” competition and the 1996 Vladimir-Krainjev-Competition in Charkov, Ukraine. From 1999 until 2002, she studied at the Conservatory for Music in Detmold (Münster Department) with Professor Michael Keller; from 2002 on with Professor Gregor Weichert. Since 2004, she has been part of Professor Volker Banfield’s class at the Academy for Music and Theater in Hamburg; she is also a scholarship recipient of the Anton Rubinstein Academy in Dusseldorf. In 1998, she was the first place winner at the International London Piano Competition for Soloists, Duos and Ensembles as well as in 1999 at the International Poulenc Competition in Nordhorn, Germany. In 2001, she won second prize at the International Competition for Young Pianists in Enschede, The Netherlands; at the Vienna International Pianists Academy she was awarded the Rosario- Marciano Prize in 2002. In 2003, she won the third prize and special prize for the best interpretation of Russian music at the International Russian Music Competition in San José, California.

Alina Kabanova has appeared as a soloist with renowned orchestras such as the Berliner Symphoniker, the Orchestra of the Lyon Opera and the Crimean State Philharmonic Orchestra. She has given solo concerts in Germany and Europe since 1999.

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Source: Oehms Classics Website; Beethoven Duo Website (Photos)
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