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Yolanda Klappert (Piano)

Born: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

The American pianist and painter, Yolanda Klappert, studied at the Ravel Academie in St. Jean-de-Luz, France and Fontainebleau Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, France. She earned a B.M. at the Univeristy of Cincinnati : Conservatory of Music; an M.M. and M.M.A. from Yale University; and a D.M.A. from the University of Southern California (USC) School of Music.

A classical concert pianist for 25 years, Yolanda Klappert has won numerous musical awards and scholarships and recorded frequently. One of her favorite composers is J.S. Bach. She has appeared as a soloist with such orchestras as Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Orchestre du Capitole de Toulouse, Buffalo Philharmonic, Cincinnati Philharmonia, Yale Philharmonia and Concerto Avenna Warsaw. She has particpated in music festivals, including Tanglewood, Yale in Norfolk, New College, Piccolo Spoleto, Fontainebleau Ecole, Ravel Music Festival, and Rome Festival

After a performing and recording career as a classical concert pianist for 25 years, Yolanda Klappert was excited to discover she could express complicated and interdisciplinary ideas on a multitude of levels, simultaneously. The computer became her keyboard, camera, and paintbrush. Most significantly, she experienced a profound joy in creating “something from nothing” while combining my instincts as a musical and visual artist with the sophistication of “cutting edge” technology. Three modern-ear artists have influenced her and demonstrate an artist expression similar to J,S. Bach’s. Each of the artists, Escher, Durer and Van Gogh, worked within the conventions of art - respectively using pen and ink, watercolors and oils - yet each transcend the implied boundaries of their media by creating innovative forms and styles.

In 1998, Yolanda Klappert created the original CD-ROM, From Stoneage to Rock: An Interactive History of Classical Music, which launched her career in digital art - and has been involved with many other CD-ROMs and animations. Among sites of exhibition are Chashama Gallery of New York City; Long Beach Arts Center, California; Topanga Canyon Gallery, California; Fulton Street Gallery, Troy, New York; and elsewhere. Her works are published in Book Art Press.

Recent Exhibits: New and Improved at LACDA - Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (June 2009); Topanga Canyon Gallery Artists Studio Tour at Topanga Canyon Gallery (June 2009); New and Improved II at LACDA - Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (October 2009); "Mountains to the Sea" at the Annerberg Beach House at Annenberg Community Beach House (August 2010); Concatenation at LACDA - Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (October 2010); LACDA International Juried Competition WINNERS SHOW at LACDA - Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (March 2011).

Yolanda Klappert currently a resident of Topanga, California.


Source: Yolanda Klappert Website; Art Exchange Website; Yoland Klappert page on Flickr
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Aryeh Oron (October 2012)

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