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Jiří Klecker (Bass)

Born: 1954 - Czechoslovakia

The Czech bass, Jiří Klecker, has pursued unaccompanied singing since 1979 under the pedagogical leadership of prof Vlastimil Babák. He took an active part in the rendering courses of the "Bach Academy" in Prague and Stuttgart by prof Helmuth Rilling and the singing seminar "Song and Oratorio" in Wörgl, Austria, by prof K. Raps from Vienna.

Jiří Klecker is a member of the opera ensemble of the National Theatre in Brno and a permanent guest of the opera scenes in Prague and Ostrava, also performed in the Regional Theatre Opera in Dresden. He studied about 40 bass and basbarytone parts. Among others they were: Mefisto in Charles Gounod's opera Faust and Gretchen, Sarastro in the Brno study of Mozart's Magic Flute, or the Prague project of the same opera carried out by the Open-Air Prague Opera. His performance of the double-role of Janek and Jesus in the Ostrava rendering of the opera Veronika - Passion plays by Rafael Kubelík was very successful.

Jiří Klecker often performes in concerts. Let's mention among others his telecast "live" performance of Charpentier's Te Deum with the Ostrava Janáèek's chamber orchestra or the first Brno rendering of Te Deum by J.B. Lully with the Brno State Philharmonic. He co-operated intensively with the conductor and the baroque flute player Andreas Kröper during the realization of the CD-recordings of J.S. Bach's works or Mozart's and Salieri's Requiem in the original rendering with historical instruments, performed for the English association Pickwick Intern. He was invited by the French conductor M. Moureau to take part in the rendering of Messa di Gloria by G. Puccini and Dvoøák's Stabat Mater in Bordeaux and the subsequent recording of works with the English tenor R. Reavill. No less important is also Klecker's co-performance in the concerts of the State Philharmonic Brno (eg the concert performance of Mozart's opera Titus led by the Austrian conductor C. Richter). The singer cooperates with the Brno ensemble for rendering chamber opera ORFEO. He took part in the realization of 11 CD-recordings.

Source: Jiří Klecker Website
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Aryeh Oron (February 2005)

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