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Alexander Korolev (Piano)

Born: 1962 - Kiev, Uraine (former USSR)

The Ukrainian pianist and music pedagogue, Alexander (Sacha) Korolev [Russian: Александр Королёв], made his first experiences as a pianist at the local music school in his hometown Kiev. His talent was encouraged by skillfully able teachers. Playfully he mastered piano pieces that were very difficult for his age. The young talented pianist won many Ukrainian competitions with honors and bravura, including his own compositions. He felt already expired at a young age of music. At 15, he began his first studies at the State Music School in Moscow, where he was from Vera Horoschina taught, a student of the renowned pianist Heinrich Neuhaus. In 1981 he graduated from this institute, obtaining his first degree with diploma in four subjects as a piano teacher, chamber musician, accompanist and solo pianist. During the same year he began the second study music at Gnessins-Institut in Moscow, from which he graduated in 1986 with diploma as a composer and musicologist, in the subjects of music theory, solfeggio, harmony, polyphony, musical form analysis and music history.

Alexander Korolev began his career as a solo concert pianist in 1992 at the Rachmaninov Hall of the Moscow Conservatory with a generally admiring new interpretation and technical brand of the complete J.S. Bachs Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1 (BWV 846-869). Here, his name was known at one time for a broad expert audience and to a fixed term. His expert interpretation of musical works, particularly the German-speaking composers, here took a beginning. Through his continuous concerts Korolev became known as a specialist in German music from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras. This was followed by radio performances and the recording of his first CD of the Well-Tempered Clavier, Volume I. Later still, Goldberg Variations (BWV 988) by J.S. Bach, the preludes of Bach-Busoni and Johannes Brahms Piano Pieces (Op.116-119) recorded in a unique artistic quality on CDs.

Parallelley Alexander Korolev worked as a music teacher at the Chopin School of Music in Moscow (for a short time), mainly at the School after Scriabin, and then at the School № 67 in Moscow ; as a coach at the State Music College Alfred Schnittke in Moscow and as a pianist for the music agency Mosconcert. Korolev founded his successful activity as a piano teacher with an interesting slogan: "Only those who work itself at the highest level, can this high demand continue to convey to his students " Over the years he has developed his own method to teach piano and is known to help musicians and students to physically symptom free play. Many of his students are successful professional musician and music teacher, gained an international reputation. Among them are numerous winners of various international competitions.

Since 2005 Alexander Korolev lives and works as piano teacher, accompanist, composer and pianist in Germany. At the Music and Arts Academy of Lübeck he wants to share his passion for the piano to his students. He is married to the soprano Natalia Koroleva.

Source: Alexander Korolev (Musik und Kunstakademie Lübeck Website)
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Aryeh Oron (February 2014)

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