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Motettenchor Pforzheim (Choir)

Founded: 1966 - Pforzheim, Germany

The Motettenchor Pforzheim (= MCP) was founded in its current objectives in 1966 by KMD Professor Rolf Schweizer. The repertoire of the choir reaches from the old to the contemporary music. Numerous first and premieres aroused the interest of the broadcast in the Pforzheimer Motettenchor, which takes concert tours besides its annual activities. Records document the artistic qualities of the Motettenchores, which at the same time assumes regularly liturgical functions as choir of the Evangelischen Stadtkirche Pforzheim (Evangelist Town Church Pforzheim).

The Motettenchor is led today by KMD Kord Michaelis, State Kantor of Mittelbaden. The choir rehearses once weekly (on Mondays from 19.30 to 22,00). The Motettenchor is a mixed choir that includes approximately 60 to 70 members. The study of the great a-cappella-literature is the center of attention. Apart from a large repertoire of the "classical" choir works of Heinrich Schütz and J.S. Bach up to Max Reger, the choir performs above all the new contemporary choir music. Record productions would give exemplary suggestions for the choir work of our days.

The a-cappella programs achieves outstanding role, since these works require a homogeneous choir sound and experienced singers. By constant change the choir created its today unmistakable slim and modulationable choir sound. Beside the a-cappella choir music the choir works in co-operation with the Bachorchester Pforzheim as well as the Oratorienchor Pforzheim e.V. in the cantata literature different style.

The Motettenchor good partly refers its new generation from the Jugendkantorei. The Jugendkantorei represents the last level within the choir instruction system in the Pforzheimer created by Rolf Schweizer to Evangelischen Singschule". In the Jugendkantorei sing 13-22 young boys and young adults, who usually passed through the different child choir levels before. Interested singers and singers are offered the possibility to sing along with the Motettenchor in the "Bachkantaten for the Mitsingen". Financially the Motettenchor is supported by Freundeskreis für Kirchenmusik an der Stadtkirche Pforzheim e.V.

Source: Motettenchor Pforzheim Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (March 2002)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (March 2002)

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