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Alexander Malkus (Piano)

Born: 1948 - Moscow, Russia

The Russian pianist and music pedagogue, Alexander Malkus, completed in 1967the Piano Department of the Music College of the Moscow Conservatory (piano class delivered by V.A. Nathanson). In 1967 he graduated from the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory (piano class delivered by V.A. Nathanson) and in 1979 complted the training course course directed by V.A. Nathanson. Malkus is Prize-winner of 3 international competitions: The International G. Enescu Competition (Romania) in 1970; The Young Musicians’ Competition in Beograde (Yugoslavia) in 1972; The Viotti International Music Competition in Vercelli (Italy) in 1976.

Guest performances have taken Alexander Malkus to many countries: Czechia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Sweden, Austria, Italy, France, Germany, UK and Japan.

Alexander Malkus has played music in partnership with such well-known music personalities as the conductors N. Rakhlin and A. Dmitriev, violinist T. Grindenko and cello-players M. Tchaikovskaya and I. Gavrysh. Co-operation with the outstanding modern composer Rodion Shchedrin occupies an important place in Malkus’ musical performance. The piano-player recurrently participated in the composer’s recitals in Moscow and Paris playing a grandiose “Polyphonic Notebook” cycle and pieces.

The Melodiya Company produced 3 discs records of A. Malkus’ performance of R. Shchedrin’s and A. Stanchinsky’s works. CD records were produced in various countries - performance of R. Shchedrin’s works in the USA, duet with T. Grindenko (violin) in the UK, duet with P. Minev (violin) in Bulgaria. CD records were also made in France (recital) and Russia (piano works by A. Glazunov and A. Stanchinsky). The piano-player has a number archival recordings of the Russian composers’ music on the Russian radio. In 2003 CD called “Album for Friends” containing piano masterpieces of two centuries was released.

Alexander Malkus is actively involved in the teaching activity: 1979-1986 – assistant to professor V.A. Nathanson (1979-1986), assistant to professor V.K. Merzhanov in the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory (1991-1993)..Now he teaches a special piano course in the Moscow conservatory and the Academic Music College of the Moscow Conservatory.

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