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Tsutomu Masuko (Baritone, Conductor)

Born: Japan

The Japanese baritone, conductor and coach and music therapist, Tsutomu Masuko completed his Doctoral Course of Art (All but Dissertation) at Ball State University, Indiana.

Tsutomu Masuko has been active as a baritone throughout the world and, recently he is under great demand to conduct orchestras and choruses. Besides his artistic activities, Masuko is also a certified Music Therapist by JMTA and by Institute of Neurologic Music Therapy, Colorado State University. Masuko has been known as an outstanding baritone not only in Japan but also through out the USA and European Music Circles. He appeared as a soloist in such International Music Festivals as Carmel Bach Festival (1969), Berlin Musik Tage, Dresden International Music Festival, Festival de Wallonie, Greco 85, Palau de Musica Festival, and Barcelona. He conducts orchestras such as Camerata Filarmonica Bohemia (Czech), Mozart Chamber Orchestra and Ensemble Sakai. He is also known as a choral conductor and he regularly conducts “Mozart Choral Ensemble Japan”, “Osaka Symphonic Choire” and “Nishi-Kobe Choire”.

Tsutomu Masuko has been teaching voice and Opera at Mukogawa Women’s University since 1977 and is the founder of the Music Therapy Department. He has been a guest professor at such universities as Eastern Washington State University, Ball State University (USA), Pollenca International Music Academy (Spain), Osaka University, Osaka University of Arts, Osaka University of Education, Kobe University, Kyushu Hokenfukushi University, Kohnan University (Japan), Dresden Semper Oper Opernstudio, Weimar Musik Hochschule (Germany), Conservatory of Barcelona (Spain), and Novosibirsk National Conservatory-Glinka (Russia).

Tsutomu Masuko has published theses on Music Education, Music Therapy, Sociological Research and Aesthetic of Music. He has also published CD’s for Medical Purpose and music Therapy. His Gospel-Musical has been performed more than 20 times, and he has completed a 4-act play, Underground Railroad with Ensemble in Orchestra Pit.

Source: Ameropa Website (2011)
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Aryeh Oron (December 2011)

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