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Åsa Olsson (Mezzo-soprano)

Born: Sweden

The Swedish mezzo-soprano, Åsa Olsson, has benn working as a free-lance singerr since 1995. She studied singing technique with Geert Berghs and Margreet Honig, took courses with Maarten Vonk (drama), Eric Mentzel (improvisation) and Thijn van Eijk (interpretation) and paticipated in mastert-classes led by Margreet Honig, Kelvin Grout and Kurt Equiluz.

Åsa Olsson's wide repertore (including both soprano, mezzo and alto parts) covers most genres (including opera) from Monteverdi to Cage. Composers Elizabeth Gaskill, Vincent Vaneker and Alan Swanson wrote songs for her voice and video artist Steve McQuinn integrated her improvisations in his piece DING DONG 2000.

Åsa Olsson has performed with conductors as Péter Eötvös, Stefan Asbury, Jonathan Nott, Richard Egarr, Miguel Gomez-Fernandez, Martyn Brabins, Etienne Siebens, James Wood, Daniel Reuss, Jurjen Hempel, and Reinbert Leeuw. She is a member of the vocal ensembles Cappella Amsterdam (since 1991) and Nederlands Kamerkoor (since 2002). She has performed operas with Muziektheater Hollands Diep (since 2008) and workd with instrumental ensembles as Ensemble Intercontemporain, Prometeus Ensemble, Musik Faabrik, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Il Gardellino, Akamus, Notavu, AKSO/Schönberg Ensemble, Radio Philharmonisch Orkest, Ebony Band, Viotta Ensemble, Doelen Ensemble and Doelen Kwartet. She regularly performs with pianist/organist Per Henrik Johansson, pianists Frank van de Laar, Maarten van Veen and Pia Valdermarsdotter and organist Jan Hage. Composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven often hires Åsa Olsson for partly impovisational happenings and performances during major events.


Source: Åsa Olsson profile on LinkedIn (December 2013)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (August 2014)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Daniel Harding


Member of Nederlands Kamerkoor:
Audio (2015):
BWV 150, BWV 227

Erik Van Nevel


Member of Nederlands Kamerkoor
Audio (2015):
BWV 225, BWV 228, BWV 227

Daniel Reuss


BWV 232 [2nd, Video]

Daniel Reuss


Member of Cappella Amsterdam:
Video (2012):
BWV 232 [2nd]

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