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Moshe Paranov (Conductor)

Born: 1895 - Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Died: October 7, 1994 - Hartford, Connecticut, USA

The American an administrator, educator, conductor and pianist, Moshe Paranov (born: Morris Perlmutter), was boern to Russian immigrant parents. He changed his name in his early 20's when he became a professional musician. He began playing the violin at age 5. His musical career began when he was a very young man, performing at local synagogues. He switched to the piano under the influence of his teacher, Julius Hartt. He later married Julius Hartt's daughter, Pauline "Dot" or "Dottie".

Moshe Paranov co-founded with Julius Hartt the Hartt School of Music and spent five decades building it into a leading center for music study in 1920. He also conducted the first concert at the Bushnell Memorial and was co-conductor of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra (Hartt Symphony Orchestra) for six years. He was associate director of the Hartt School until 1932, when he became dean.He became president of the school in 1957. After Pauline's death in 1981, Moshe married Elizabeth "Libby" Warner, a member of the Hartt faculty.

Moshe Paranov was well known throughout Greater Hartord and contributed enormously to the musical life of the community. "These contributions Moshe made to Hartford over the course of almost a century profoundly enhanced the city," said Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, a former president of the University of Hartford.

Moshe Paranov died at his home in October 1994 after a short illness. He was 98. He was survived by his wife Elizabeth Warner-Paranov, two daughters, Tanya Paranov of West Hartford and Nina Paranov Fagan of Bloomfield. Elizabeth Warner-Paranov organized her late husband's papers and donated them to the University.

Source: New York Time Obituary (October 1994); University of Hartford Libraries Website
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Aryeh Oron (November 2009)

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Moshe Paranov


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