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Pośrodku Żywota (Chamber Choir)

Founded: Autumn 2002 - Podkowy Leśnej, Poland

The Chóru Kameralnego (Chamber Choir) Pośrodku Żywota band was founded in autumn 2002 by three music lovers: Iwony Soczyńskiej i Michała Madalińskiego. Ponieważ śpiewanie. Because singing the three of them, although very nice, was not enough for them, they turn off the repertoire of four-part songs, invited to party with friends from Podkowy Leśnej and the surrounding area. In January 2003, they co-operated with Janem Sybilskim, tenor singer and vocal coach. Under his leadership, they began serious work on vocal technique and repertoire. In 2004-2007, the choir was directed by by Berenika Jozaitis, and in 2007-2014 by Leszek Kubiak. From the spring of 2014 the director is Jadwiga Małecka. Starting from 2005, the Towarzystwo (Society) organizes for its members to summer vocal camps, as well as spring and autumn weekend workshops.

The choir performs regularly. He is giving concerts among others at the Centrum Kultury and the Inicjatyw Obywatelskich (and to historic Miejskim Ośrodku Kultury) in Podkowie Leśnej, Gminnym Ośrodku Kultury "OKej" in Brwinowie, Ośrodku Kultury and Willi Radogoszcz in Grodzisku Mazowieckim, Muzeum im. Anny and Jarosława Iwaszkiewiczów in Stawisku, Kościele św. Krzysztofa in Podkowie Leśnej, św. Anny in Grodzisku and św. Jadwigi Śląskiej in Milanówku. The choir could also lbe heard in nearby locations: in Komorowie (Art Café), in Pruszkowie (Pruszkowskie Towarzystwo Muzyczne - Pałac Ślubów), as well as other public halls and private salons in Podkowy Leśnej and the surrounding area. Every year, the choir gives a concert as part of the Festiwalu Otwarte Ogrody (Open Gardens Festival) and a concert of carols, connected to a common singing carols with the audience.

For the important activities of the Towarzystwa, its members consider presenting concerts of vocal music old people elderly or disabled people - inmates of social welfare homes. The choir performs in such facilities in the district Pruszków, Grodzisk and Warsaw West, including in homes for people with intellectual disabilities in the Bramkach, near. Błonia and Czubinie k. Brwinowa and residential homes in Izdebnie Kościelnym and Milanówku (formerly Dom Wysłużonego Kolejarza).


Janem Sybilskim (2003)
Berenika Jozaitis (2004-2007)
Leszek Kubiak (2007-2014)
Jadwiga Małecka (2014-Present)

Members of Pośrodku Żywota:





Marianka Arendarska*
Agata Bernat
Hanna Nowotnik
Iwona Soczyńska
Agata Wiatrak
Maria Zgorzałek
Former members:
Joanna Jarco
Joanna Burgiełł
Elżbieta Skóra

Hanna Bartoszewicz
Agnieszka Łypacewicz
Dorota Kotarska
Olga Słuckin
Dominika Szwajkajzer
Former members:
Elżbieta Kurek
Joanna Skrzypkowska

Krzysztof Bujak (Boban)*
Jakub Grzymała
Adam Szwajkajzer
Tomasz Traczyk
Former members:
Krzysztof Bujak (Boban)
Jacek Iwaszko

Jan Borowiec
Jan Kurek
Michał Madaliński
Jarosław Tymowski
Former members:
Wojtek Bagiński
Michał Dzięgielewski
Mateusz Tabin
Jacek Szuba

* Guest participation in the Bach project

Source: Pośrodku Żywota Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (January 2016)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (January 2016)

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