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Franns von Promnitzau (Organ)

Born: Dresden, Germany

The German organist, Franns von Promnitzau (full name: Franns Wilfried Promnitz von Promnitzau), sang as a boy in Dresdner Kreuzchor and studied in his hometown of Dresden, conducting, piano and composition. At the same time received training in organ (Hans Otto), cello and singing. Inspired by classes with Professor Harald Vogel and through several years of concert experience at the oldest organs in the Netherlands, took place early on the turn to historical performance practice and the old ways of playing. During his studies he worked as deputy director of the Dresdner Singakademie and the Philharmonischen Chores Dresden. As the youngest conductor, he went into the history of the Staatsoper Dresden, at which he worked for 7 years as principal coach and conductor.

Franns von Promnitzau founded and directed the Ensemble Dresdner Vocalisten, with which he appeard at various European festivals and concert series in Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Czech Republic, as well as concerts in Romania.

In addition, Franns von Promnitzau has performed as a concert organist on the most important organs in Europe, including at St. Pauls Cathedral in London, Dom (Cathedral) in Lübeck, St. Jacobi in Hamburg, Cathedral in Belves/Dordogne, St. Jans Kathedrale in s`Hertogenbosch, St. Bavokerk in Haarlem, Sion in Switzerlans, and many more.

As president of the Naumann-Gesellschaft and founder of the concert series “Laufen und Lauschen” (running and listening), Franns von Promnitzau reconstructed 75 works of this important composer of Empfindsamkeit - including seven operas, the entire keyboard works, two oratorios, songs and chamber music - and performed them them mostly in historical performance venue, the sensitive Landscape Park " Seifersdorfer Thal". In 2010, J.S. Bach’s 325th Birthday, he played the Goldberg Variations (BWV 988) in 32 different concerts, especially on the organ.

Franns von Promnitzau strives to safeguard and restoration of the headquarters of Promnitz, on the Elbe near Riesa.

Together with singer Jana Karin Adam, Franns von Promnitzau founded in 2002 the ensemble TreCantus devoted mainly musical works of the Gothic and Renaissance eras. TreCantus has performed in major religious buildings, such as the Französischen Dom Berlin, Altenberger Dom, Dom zu Halberstadt, Dom zu Verden, Münster Bad Doberan, Kloster Hülfensberg, Klosterstift Mariensee; Kloster Wechselburg, Klosterstift Heiligengrabe, Kloster Loccum, Kloster Drübeck; at the festivals Mitte Europa, Orgelfestivals Sønderjylland-Schleswig, Internationalen Orgelfestivals Zielona Gora, Festival Organo e cimbalo, and many more. The ensemble has toured in Switzerland, Norway, Czech Republic and Romania (Transylvania), where TreCantus appeared at the parish church in Sibiu, Capital of Culture year concerts.

Source: TreCantus Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (October 2011)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (October 2011)

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