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Reußisches Kammerorchester (Chamber Orchestra)

Founded: 1960-1961 - Gera, Thuringia, Germany

The Reußisches Kammerorchester (Reuss Chamber Orchestra is a chamber orchestra in Gera, Thuringia, Germany which sees itself as integral part of Theater&Philharmonie Thüringen. The aim of the Reuss Chamber Orchestra is to enrich the concert life of Gera, Altenburg and the region Eastern Thuringia, and to promote the cultural strength of the region nationwide.

The concert life of the city of Gera is based on the tradition of the orchestra of the House of Reuss, which can be traced back to the year 1696. Concertmaster Herbert Voigt of the Philharmonic Orchestra founded the “Kammerorchester der Bühnen der Stadt Gera“ in the 1960-1961 orchestra season. In 1987 it was awarded the title "Philharmonic Orchestra". In 2000 it was merged with the traditional Landeskapelle Altenburg. In 2011, the Reuss Chamber Orchestra celebrates its 50th anniversary. Honoring the merits of the House of Reuss, Gera, the orchestra was renamed to "Reuss Chamber Orchestra" in 1989.

Concert tours have taken the Reuss Chamber Orchestra to various German federal states and a variety of European countries. Highlights include concerts with Thomanerchor Leipzig and Dresdner Kreuzchor. The soloists Gerhard Bosse, Karl Suske, Ludwig Güttler, Burkhard Glätzner, Michael Sanderling, Michael Schönheit and Andreas Hartmann worked and played music with the Reuss Chamber Orchestra. A CD has been recorded with Georg Fritzsch as conductor and Felix Friedrich as a soloist. The record presents an unknown organ concert by Ottorino Respighi to the public. Other DVD productions are available.

Outstanding in the history of the Reuss Chamber Orchestra is the musical accompaniment of the first two services of the consecration of the rebuilt Dresden’s Frauenkirche. Ever since, there has been intensive cooperation with the Frauenkirche Kantor Matthias Grünert, which has led to various joint concerts, going beyond the cities Gera, Altenburg and Dresden.

In 2008, 2010 and 2011 the Reuss Chamber Orchestra accompanied the New Year's church service in the Dresden’s Frauenkirche broadcasted by national TV station ZDF. The 2011 New Year's service can be viewed in the ZDF Media library.


Source: Wikipedia Website (June 2012)
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Aryeh Oron (July 2012)

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