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Ricardo Rocha (Conductor)

Born: Brazil

The Brazilian conductor, Ricardo Rocha, studied piano under Werther Napolitano at the Villa-Lobos College of Music and Orchestra Conducting under Roberto Duarte at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He has the highest title in Conducting - Kapellmeister - from Germany, where he studied under A. Weiss and E. Wächter:

For over ten years Ricardo Rocha has conducted several orchestras in Germany, such as the Bamboo Symphonic - with which he performed around Germany in 2000 and recorded for the Bavarian Radio -, the Thuringian Orchestra, the Baden-Baden Philharmonic Orchestra. With the Südwestfalen Philharmonic, he recorded tile CD "MBC – Música Brasileira de Concerto’ (Brazilian Concert Music) featuring Heitor Villa-Lobos, A. Prado, E. Krieger and Guerra-Peixe. 1n 2001 he conducted the Deutsch Oper Symphonic Orchestra from Berlin.

In Brazil Ricardo Rocha has been invited to guest conduct many renowned orchestras, including the Brazilian Symphonic Orchestra, the Symphonic Orchestra of São Paulo Municipal Theater, the Petrobras Pró-Música Orchestra and the Symphonic Orchestra of Minas Gerais. While a professor of Conducting at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (1995-1996), Rocha conducted the choir and orchestra of the college. In São Paulo he recorded a program for the Cultura Radio and TV at the Municipal Theater with its orchestra. He founded and has been the musical director of the Bach Society in Cuiabá, where he was also director and conductor of the Symphonic Orchestra of Mato Grosso Federal University (1992-1993).

Guest professor of Conducting in extension courses and festivals, key-note speaker and author of articles in Portuguese and German, in 1999 Ricardo Rocha founded the Cia. Bachiana Brasileira Chamber Choir; with which he recorded a CD of Brazilian Choir Music. Having dedicated the year 2000 to J.S. Bach Jubilee, the Cia. Bachiana Brasileira has produced its second CD as a record of the tribute paid to the great composer.


Source: Liner notes to the CD ‘J.S. Bach: Tributo a Bach’ conducted by Ricardo Rocha (Pólo Industrial de Manaus, 2001)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (April 2003)

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