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Hartmut Rohmeyer (Organ)

Born: 1951 - Chemnitz, Germany

The German organist, Hartmut Rohmeyer, grew up in the Erzgebirge where he received his first encouragement especially by playing on the well preserved organs of the 19th century which are found in the area. He studied organ, harpsichord, conducting and sacred music in Dresden, Leipzig, Freiburg and Paris. His mentors include Karl Frotscher, Hannes Kästner (organist of Leipzig's Thomaskirche), Wolfgang Schetelich, Ludwig Doerr (organist of Freiburg's Münster), André Isoir in Paris, and Ton Koopman. His participation at several competitions resulted in awards in Leipzig (Bach Prize, 1976), Speyer (1980) and Nürnberg (Pachelbel Prize, 1981).

In 1980, Hartmut Rohmeyer was appointed as lecturer at the Bayreuth Academy for Sacred Music and at the same time organist of the church in the old town of Bayreuth. Since 1990, he has been choir-master and organist of the Lübeck's Dom (Cathedral), and he gives organ lessons as professor at the Lübeck's Musikhochschule.

Hartmut Rohmeyer regularly gives big concerts with the Lübeck Cathedral Choir bringing the oratorio repertoire to the stage. In 2000 he was titled "church music director" by the Nordelbischen Kirche. As an organist, he enjoys a national and international reputation, he appears on the radio and on TV, and his tours have taken him to important festivals across Europe and overseas. At the Dom of Lübeck he annually conducts an international series of organ concerts on the Marcussen organ. He has appeared in festivals in Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, Japan and South Europe. In 2003, he played at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

So far Hartmut Rohmeyer has recorded 2 CD's of J.S. Bach's works, a recording of Renaissance and Baroque music on the Italian Baroque organ (1777), which was recently installed at the Dom. He is a close musical friend of the trumpeter Matthias Höfs, with whom he made a CD joint recording "Un concerto Italiano".

Source: Dom zu Lübeck Webseite; English translation by Aryeh Oron (October 2007); Matthias Höfs Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (October 2007)

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