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Tineke Roseboom (Soprano)

Born: November 19, 1990 - Bennekom, the Netherlands

The Duch soprano, Tineke Roseboom, studied at Het Streek Bovenbuurtweg (Class of 2008). She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree at the ArtEZ conservatory in Arnhem in 2012, majoring in classical singing. She was tutored by Harry van Berne, she attended master-classes under the leadership of Emma Kirkby, Miranda van Kralingen, Ernst Daniël Smid, Barbara Hannigan, David Wilson-Johnson and Barbara Schlick amongst others. She received an International Scholarship which is making it possible for her now to be coached by Emma Kirkby (England) and Gloria Fabuel (Spain).

Subsequent to her study, Tineke Roseboom has frequently delighted the public as a soloist on stage both in the Netherlands and abroad, as was the case in (Wenzhou en Beijing) China, Colombia, England, Germany and Belgium. She has performed a number of premieres, one of which was De Stenen Man Suite by Frans Vermeerssen.

Tineke Roseboom, who is also active in the field of education, has her own private teaching practice in Ede. She also teaches at the Koorschool Midden - Gelderland (i.e. Choral School in Central Gelderland). In addition, she is also connected with to the singing academy Style Music Studio By Julee in Wenzhou (China) as a guest teacher. She currently lives in Ede, the Netherlands.

Tineke Roseboom made her debut CD recording in August 2013: “Resveillez vous”, by Nicolaes Vallet, which includes Psalms and Music for the lute. Other singers on this CD are : Kaspar Kröner (alto), Harry van Berne (tenor), Jasper Schweppe (baritone) and Jelle Draijer (bass). The lute accompaniment and all solo lute performances were carried out by Willem Mook. Members of the Nicolaes Vallet Lute Quartet are: Israel Golani, René Genis, Arjen Verhage en Willem Mook. The recordings of her second CD are planned in 2016.

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Source: Tineke Roseboom Website ^ Facebook profile; Photos 00, 01, 11, 15, 15, 24, 36: © Jorieke Klein Leetink (2014); Photos 41-49: © Danique van den Ham;
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Aryeh Oron (December 2015)

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