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Renato Rozic (Guitar, Composer, Arranger)

Born: Zagreb, Croatia

The Croatian composer, arranger, jazz guitarist, Renato Rozic, grew up with jazz. He now lives in Cologne, Germany. He studied jazz guitar, improvisation, composition and classical music at the Cologne conservatory (Musikhochschule Köln).

Renato Rozic developed a new “Modal 12-tone composition technique” and is recognized in the contemporary music scene. He then returned to tonality, dedicating himself to interpreting the works of W.A. Mozart and J.S. Bach. He uses Baroque and classical formal structures such as fugues, canons, and sonata form in his compositions, jazz arrangements and improvisations in a synthesis of traditional and extended tonality. As initiator of "aesthetica nova" he has pioneered the field of improvisation within classical music) and continues to invest himself for a new understanding of music within classical music.

His work polarises the classical music community ( but also the jazz community ) again and again through his lose approach to written material ( intention of reviving the art of improvisation in classical music which was common in the days of Bach and Mozart ), creating a fusion of jazz, classical, and world music; and using “sound aesthetics” as a means of musical expression. For his Mozart Project designed a structure which anchors a hi-end guitar, thus improving the player’s freedom of movement and making a more sensitive and more virtuoso way of playing possible (CD “renato rozic: mozart”). Upon the release of this album: “….a unique type of musical pleasure” - Deutsche Mozartgesellschaft (German Mozart Society); “….he combines a historical knowledge of the original sound with crossover” - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung; “….and I can only encourage you to deepen and broaden your obvious love of this music” - Murray Perahia; "...I am impressed how you manipulate with daily instruments the compositions of Bach. Your interpretation is very special and surprising..." - Ton Koopman.

Renato Rozic has appeared with his group Renato Rozic Consort on well-known classical and jazz festivals such as the Mozart Festival in Würzburg, Bachfest Leipzig, Köthener Bach Festtage, MDR Musiksommer, and WDR Nachtmusik. He has performed in numerous concert halls including the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, the Zagreb Philharmonie, and the Spiegelsaal in Köthen. He has been featured in interviews, live broadcasts, and recordings for international radio and television on Saarlandrundfunk, Deutschland Radio, Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Radio Bremen, and Radio Television Croatia. He appears as a soloist with various orchestras and chamber orchestras (with instrumental works such as J.S. Bach’s Violin Concerto BWV 1041, Harpsichord Concerto BWV 1056 and Double Concerto BWV 1043, and with Mozart’s Oboe Concerto K. 314, Piano Concerto K. 414)

Discography: “Renato Rozic: Mozart” (EMI/Virgin Classics) - piano sonatas; “Renato Rozic: Bach” - cello suites; “Renato Rozic: Jazz” - originals and jazz standard.

Important Compositions

Most important atonal compositions:
Quintet, Op. 4
Concerto for 2 violins and chamber orchestra, Op.5
Variations for orchestra, Op. 7
Concerto for oboe and orchestra, Op. 12a

Most important tonal compositions:
Sonata for piano C Major Op. 14
Overture G Major Op. 17
Quartet C minor Op. 20
Simphony d minor Op. 29
Concert F Major Op. 30

Source: Renato Rozic Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (February 2013)

Renato Rozic: Short Biography | Recordings of Instrumental Works

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