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Südwestdeutsches Kammerorchester Pforzheim (Chamber Orchestra)

Founded: 1950 - Pforzheim, Germany

Südwestdeutsches Kammerorchester Pforzheim (South German Chamber Orchestra Pforzheim; = (SDKOP) has played with Yehudi Menuhin, Maurice André, Elly Ney and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. They perform both large scale and chamber works. The musicians of the SDKOP have appearedc in the international concert public centers in Rio, Paris, Rome, New York and Tokyo. Since 1953 the ensemble traveled around Europe with the conductor Hindemith-Schüler Friedrich Tilegant, who founded the ensemble in 1950. In 1964 Tilegant succeeded it to its chamber orchestra as the first West German orchestra to appear in the GDR at that time.

Since 1986 the Czech Vladislav Czarnecki is the principal conductor of the orchestra. He gave completely new impulses to the orchestra, enriched its repertoire from Tomaso Albinoni to Carpenter and intensified the concert tours in Germany and abroad. Emphasis of its new working is on the one hand the literature of the romance, on the other hand the preparation and the rediscovery of forgotten unknown works. High musical requirements and enormous versatility are the characteristic SDKOP. The organization of a concert is just as variable, from the small strings-only works to the opera, these musicians from Pforzheim place themselves always to new challenges.

The ensemble, which participates regularly in international Festivals, brought out since its foundation more than 150 records and CD’s, including the 12 Boccherini Cello concertos, the 6 clarinet concertos of Johann Melchior Molter and CD with Martinu works.

Today they make music with Gidon Kremer, Rudolf Buchbinder, Christian Tetzlaff, Sabine Meyer, Frank Peter Zimmermann, Michala Petri, Anatol Ugorsky and Mischa Maisky. Continuous co-operation with artists of world-wide reputation, keeps the name of SDKOP highly for a tradition of fine chamber music culture.


Source: Liner notes to the CD ‘J.S. Bach: Oster-Oratorium’ conducted by Rolf Schweizer, English translation by Aryeh Oron (March 2003)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (March 2003)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Rolf Schweizer


BWV 249; Movements from BWV 161, BWV 244

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