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Sofia Vokalensemble (Choir)

Born: 1995 - Stockholm, Sweden

The Sofia Vokalensemble (= SOVE) was formed back in 1995 by Bengt Ollén who still is their irreplaceable conductor. In the year 2010 the choir turns 15 and that should of course be celebrated. SOVE consists of a positive bunch of 20-30 year olds with a lot of will, warmth and enthusiasm. The characteristic sound image “the SOVE-sound” has been described as a young, rounded Swedish choir sound. It might appear pretentious and complicated but the most important is however very simple.

Sofia Vokalensemble’s home is the Sofia perish in Stockholm, Sweden. SOVE performs concerts at our home church several times per year. SOVE also have concerts and gigs around Stockholm and other parts of Sweden. Among the choir’s favorite composers are J.S. Bach, Francis Poulenc, Arvo Pärt and Schnittke. The chance of hearing this type of music is therefore great at the next SOVE-concert. Through the years the choir has sung first ever performances of pieces composed by Geijlo, Mäntyjärvi and Rehnqvist. Sove is also very much fond of traditional Swedish choir traditions and folk music.

Now and then SOVE performs as entertainers at prize awards, company parties and other events. Then the repertoire is different from the usual concerts. Both gospel and a Max Martin medley can be heard.

SOVE has made a tours all over Europe as well as to the Far East, South America and Africa, either to give concerts ot to take part in choir copmptitions, Aming their tours: St. Petersburg, Russia (1996); Lara, Venezuela (1998); Preveza, Greece (1999); Sicily, Italy (1999); Cork, Ireland (2000); Hong Kong, China (2000); Ljubljana, Slovenia (2003) ; Bremen, Germany (2004); Helsinki, Finland (2006); Cape Town, South Africa (2007); Gorizia, Italy (2008); Bergen, Norway (2009); Szczecin, Poland (2010); Marber, Slovenia (2011).

The force that glues us together is something we use to call the “SOVE-heart”. It consists of their basic values of consideration, loyalty and responsibility. Many of the members are committed to the choir, beyond being dedicated singers. Alongside the choir’s competent board, there’s a music program group, the website crew, the trip organizers, the marketing section and party committee. Everybody’s commitment makes the choir alive. The music and commitment is what gives the “SOVE-heart” extra power to beat. And the audience of course.


Source: Sofia Vokalensemble Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (October 2011)

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