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Diane Severson (Soprano)

Born: Madison, Wisconsin, USA

The American lyric soprano, voice teacher and narrator, Diane Severson Mori, studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Hochschule für Künste-Bremen and privately.

Diane Severson is specializing in Early Music, especially Baroque and medieval music (especially Hildegard von Bingen), Renaissance and contemporary music. She has performed with a number of ensembles, both vocal and with instrumentalists over the years. Most notably with: Sequentia, ensemble for medieval music, directed by Barbara Thornton and Benjamin Bagby; the now defunct ensemble she helped created - Elysium; the small Vokalensemble Raggio di Sol; the women's vocal ensemble Lady Chapel Singers and others; and most recently, the ensemble for medieval vocal music - Kantika.

Diane Severson is a dedicated teacher of singing (taking her cues from her mentor the late Cornelius Reid and his long-time student and mentor in her own right Carol Baggott-Forte). She is the mother of a young multi-linguist and married to her very own Rocket Scientist.

Diane Severson has been blogging since 2005 and has been involved in the SF Poetry Scene since 2010. She has narrated for the StarShipSofa Podcast Magazine (part of the District of Wonders Network) since Tony C. Smith started running fiction and found out that she reads aloud to her husband. She quickly became his go-to-girl when he wanted poetry read. As a result of that affinity with poetry, and because she does her best work when she has a Cause, she decided to become Science Fiction Poetry’s Spokesperson. She produces the sporadic podcast, which runs as part of StarShipSofa, called Poetry Planet and is a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association for which she ran the 2012 Poetry Contest. She is a staff blogger for Amazing Stories Magazine focusing on Science Fiction Poetry. She continues to narrate stories for StarShipSofa and other podcasts (notably PodCastle and Tales to Terrify) and has begun getting paying jobs as a voice actor. She currently lives in Hannover, Germany.


Source: Diane Severson Website & Facebook profile
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Aryeh Oron (October 2016)

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Video (2011): BWV 79

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