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Ian Shapinsky (Piano)

Born: 1949 - Manhattan. New York, USA

The American pianist, Ian Shapinsky, was born in Manhattan and grew up in Long Island, New York. His parents, Aaron and Norma Shapinsky, were professional musicians and teachers. Aaron passed away in 1984 and Norma continues to teach in California. He could have chosen to pursue any instrument, but from the start, he knew his life would revolve around the piano. He began taking lessons when he was 7 and by age 9, he was playing professionally. Gradually duo concerts with his father spread throughout the USA and Europe. Ian attended Professional Children’s School in New York City. He was accepted at the Juilliard School of Music at the college level when he was 15. He received his high school diploma from the Waldorf School in Garden City, Long Island and received his BM and MS Degrees (Bachelor of Music and Masters of Science) from Juilliard. He did some post-graduate school at New York University as well. He was privileged to study with Jascha Zayde, Ania Dorfmann, Rosina Lhevinne, Nadia Reisenberg, Sonja Gurewich, and Morton Estrin, all famous teachers. His distinctive style of virtuoso playing and musicianship has won him many awards, competitions, and prizes including Recitalist of the Year, the Presidential Citation from the New York Federation of Music Clubs, various prizes from the National Federation of Music Clubs, first prize from the Mannes College Concerto Competition, first prize from the Five Towns Music and Art Foundation, first prize in piano at two Miami Beach national competitions, and other many other competitions.

Ian Shapinsky began touring Europe in 1968, performing in many of the major cities and capitols such as Brussels, Paris, London as well as Carnegie Hall and other venues in New York City. He has performed on radio, television, and live stage concerts. He currently performs in solo piano recitals, in chamber music, as a soloist in concertos and in duo piano recitals and performs music by the great classical composers and compositions by George Gershwin. His concerts are a mixture of dazzling virtuosity, wonderful musicianship, sensitivity, humor, and dedication to making great music. Ian’s impressive reviews from newspapers in Europe and the USA attest to the admiration and respect from those in the music profession.

Ian Shapinsky also teaches master-classes and lecture recitals, including programs for children and families. He has been awarded several grants from the Rubin Foundation, as well as a performing grant from IBM, for the purpose of giving lectures in schools to foster in children a love and appreciation of the music of the great composers.

“Mr. Shapinsky is a very likable artist. Both in his unassuming stage manner and his becoming lack of interpretive excess, he projects a modesty that puts musical value over self display, a happy characteristic in a pianist with so big a virtuoso technique.” - Robert Sherman, The New York Times
“Shapinsky then played the Piano Sonata (1952) of the contemporary Argentinian composer,
Ginastera. It was an electric performance … and three of the four movements are pianistically and musically high-voltage explosions that demand an absolutely secure technique. Shapinsky had complete command of both the keyboard and the music, and he effects an electric stage presence.” - Gabriel Fontrier, Long Island Press

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Source: Ian Shapinsky Website; Steve Beyer Productions
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (October 2012)

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