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René Veen (Tenor)

Born: The Netherlands

The Dutch tenor, composer / arranger and pianist, René Veen, graduated in 1981 in Utrecht for organ, piano and choir conducting. After that he continued his vocal studies. He recived a dipolomaa as Teacher advanced eartraining and solvege following his master studies at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU) (2009-2012).

Over 30 years René Veen sings with ensembles such as Collegium Vocale Gent (Director: Philippe Herreweghe), the Nederlandse Bachvereniging (Director: Jos van Veldhoven), Cappella Amsterdam (Director: Daniel Reuss). He also sings in the Ribatutta-Ensemble, Nederlands Kamerkoor and the Zuricher Singakademie. He sings as soloist in opera, oratorio and recital. With Sabine van der Heijden and Marjolein de Graaff, he is part of the ensemble Vliegende Stukken.

René Veen is a composer of theatre music and songs and made arrangements for various ensembles such as The Gents, Frommermann, Singer Pur, Lieve Lust, Sixtonics, Fuego Latino. Some of these pieces are on CD released and/or published (by publishers as Schott in Mainz). He composed the aria for soprano and orchestra for the show from Marjolein de Graaff due to the Amsterdam Cabaret Festival in 1015 where she won the second prize. In August 2014 he sang with Francesca Lanza, soprano and tenor Augusto Valenca and pianist Anna Barbero Beerwald a recital in Tempio Valdese (Piedmont, Italy) where his Five arrangements on Haydn Songs for soprano, two tenors and piano successfully premiered. In 2013 his opera Dora, een liefdesgeschiedenis premiered at the City Festival in Zwolle. The opera was performed as successfully 15 times. He sang one of the roles himself.


Five arrangements of Haydn Songs for soprano, two tenors and piano (Premiere in Recital at Tempio Valdese in Torre Pellice, Piemonte, Italy)
Opera Dora, een liefdesgeschiedenis (2013) after a book of Toon Tellegen. Libretto: Alice Zwolschen (premiere: September 2013 in Stadsfestival Zwolle)
4 duets for 2 tenors and piano (2012)
Duets for soprano tenor and piano
3 songs on texts of M.Vasalis for mezzos-oprano and melodic percussion (2011)
Several songs on texts of, François Villon, Annie M.G.Schmidt, Malcolm Bennett
German Folksong Die Kuckuck und der Esel was commisioned by the German vocal group "Singer Pur" and is published by editor Schott. It is released on the CD "Safe our Songs"
Arranged music for The Gents, Frommermann, Fuego Latino and other groups and ensembles. Some of that music is released on CD by different ensembles.
Arrangements from Argentinian Tango's for voice and instrumental ensemble.
Spirituals for a-cappella ensemble

Source: Rné Veen Website & profile onn LinkedIn
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (August 2015)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Philippe Herreweghe


Member of Collegium Vocale Gent:
C-13 (1999):
BWV 29, BWV 119, BWV 120

Jos van Veldhoven


Member of Nederlandse Bachvereniging:
AOB Video:
BWV 206

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